The Jetzons Releases “Hard Times” on Vinyl… Using Sonic 3 Artwork

Remember when we discovered that Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone music was actually based on a music track from a yet unreleased album by a band called “The Jetzons” way back?

Well, after a digital only release, the song “Hard Times” is now finally available on vinyl, and it uses the background from Ice Cap Zone, the level that the track in question derived it’s music from. Clearly, they knew what they were doing.

Either way, if you ever wanted a music record of a vocal rendition of Ice Cap Zone’s music, this is your big chance!

The 7″ album, referred to as “Sonic Blue Virgin Vinyl” (seriously) is available for a purchase of $10 USD at Fervor Records’ online marketplace. Hard Times is on Side A, while another unrelated (though extremely catchy) track called “When the Sun Goes Down” is on Side B.

via Fervor Records

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  1. An Ice Cap Zone background on an official “The Jetzons” vinyl?
    Could this mean any thing more?
    Did they get the writes from SEGA to use the Ice Cap Zone background.
    Was the agreement that SEGA had writes to use “Hard Times” in games?
    Did they not get writes from SEGA to use the Ice Cap Zone background, and So now SEGA can sue The Jetzons and demand rights to use Hard Times” in games?

  2. So…

    This is an official vinyl release, by the Jetzons, of the “Hard Times” song, which SEGA formerly claimed to own (at least in its Ice Cap form).

    It uses artwork taken verbatim (apart from some filters) from Ice Cap Zone… artwork that SEGA owns unambiguously, and that the Jetzons almost certainly wouldn’t try to lay claim to after the nutso legal battles S3’s soundtrack has already been through…

    …Which, taken with the former, suggests that SEGA, in some capacity, must have approved the usage of said imagery… ergo, that SEGA made an official deal with the Jetzons and the relationship between the two corporate entities is now cordial enough for them to do this.

    …Very, VERY interesting. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but it looks like this piece of the Sonic 3 copyright limbo may finally be solved.

    1. I believe you are looking way into. First of all, The Jetzons aren’t releasing this as they split up in the 80s, and that it’s Fervor Records releasing this.

      I want to also ask, when did SEGA ever claimed they owned the music to IceCap Zone?

      Another thing. Would SEGA havevto approve the imagery? I mean we see fan releases or releases with unofficial covers with Sonic imagery without going through SEGA

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