Sonic x Ninjala is Live! Here’s What You Can Get and How

Short answer: Use your wallet.

As of 10 PM EST, the Ninjala and Sonic collaboration event has gone live! But before we get too excited, it’s worth breaking down what it entails, and how to get it.

For those not familiar, Ninjala is a free to play online multiplayer Switch game where pint-sized ninja use magic bubble gum to fight for dominance. It’s basically a competitive¬† beat-em-up with an aesthetic that apes Splatoon.

During this collaboration event, you can use the in-game currency “Jala” to buy Sonic-themed items:

  • For 2000 Jala each, you can get a Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles outfit including clothes and hat (so far, self explanatory).
  • For 800 Jala, you can get the Eggman Utsusemi (a skin for your character’s ability to transform into a stage prop or leave a decoy prop).
  • For 500 Jala each, you can get Sonic or Eggman IPPON stickers (a flourish added whenever you defeat an opponent with a special move).
  • And finally, for 400 Jala each, you can get Sonic or Eggman stickers (player communication emojis).

These items are purely cosmetic, and will not give you any special abilities or advantage.

Now that we’ve finished Ninjala Cosmetics 101, let’s give it all some context. Some math context!

In the game, Jala is doled out at a fairly slow rate. You don’t earn it directly through winning matches. Rather, the more you play, win, and get experience, the more you increase your rank. At certain rank milestones, such as Rank 10, the game will toss you 100 Jala. Those who pay 980 Jala for the season pass earn more rewards at an increased pace, but still rely on improving their rank to earn Jala in-game.

The most reliable way to get Jala quickly is buying it with real money. For reference, here’s how the value calculations work out:

There are ways to augment this, including first-time-buyer discounts that can get you up to 2450 Jala for $15.47 USD, and, of course, playing a LOT.

Ultimately, it’s up to you if these cosmetics are worth the asking price (let’s keep things civil in the comments), but for those of you who eat-sleep-breathe Ninjala, these promotional items will be available to buy until October 21. For the rest of us, enjoy some screenshots of child ninja in Sonic hats below.


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  1. Oh, it ends in October. Well, that changes things. I legit thought it was only good for a week.

    Best suggestion I can make, play team battles. You have better chances for victory there rather than the battle royal. Maybe that’ll help increase those tier thongs to get awarded with Jala faster without having to pay too much for it.

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