SAGE 2020: Eggman And The Hard-Boiled Heavies Await You In Sonic Mania Boss Rush+

Do you like Sonic Mania’s various bosses? Then you will probably like this SAGE 2020 mod. One boss after another will show up to defeat Sonic once in for all. This time, we’re taking a look at Sonic Mania Boss Rush+.

Sonic Mania Boss Rush+ is as the name implies. It’s a boss rush of all of the bosses in the game, including the mini-bosses at the end of the game’s Act 1s. In the SAGE 2020 demo, there are two modes available. Normal mode provides checkpoints and rings. Maniac mode does not.

Each boss, amusingly, has their own zone. For example, prepare to fight Green Hill Act 2’s boss in the “Death Egg Robot Zone”. All of the boss show up in the original order they’d appear in the base game, so which boss shows up shouldn’t surprise you.

Speaking of the base game, it doesn’t matter if you have Sonic Mania or Sonic Mania Plus. As long as you have the Steam version, the mod will work. The Origin version, on the other hand, isn’t compatible with the mod. That’s because it runs off of a different update.

So what’s your mission for this mod? Complete all the bosses as fast as possible. The mod will tell you your score and time when you finish, so try to improve your skills and get that world record. If you’re interested, you can go download the mod at SAGE’s site here.

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