Sonic Team Will “Take Good Care” of 2D and 3D Sonic In The Future

If you were the least bit worried about Modern Sonic being tossed aside for Classic Sonic or vice versa, you can lay those fears to rest. According to Sonic Team leader Takashi Iizuka, neither are going anywhere, and both will be “taken care of.”

In an interview with OTAQUEST, Takashi Iizuka reminisced on his tenure at Sonic Team and explained how Classic Sonic was originally only going to be used for Sonic Generations, but given the high accolades of that entry and the obvious existence of Sonic Mania, that didn’t exactly pan out.

“Not much time has passed since the distinction between “classic” and “modern” was made, in fact, it was since 2011’s “Sonic Generations” title. Even before that, in addition to the main 3D series, there was a high demand for the 2D action games such as the Sonic Advance series, so we revived the old Sonic as Classic Sonic for the 20th-anniversary title, Sonic Generations. We initially thought that it would be a 20th Anniversary project only, however after that we had a strong demand for a new classic Sonic standalone title, that became 2017’s Sonic Mania. We would like to take good care of these two very popular iterations of Sonic’s in the future.”

Iizuka-san also expressed his gratitude towards the fans for supporting Sonic all these years, and he hopes that the 30th anniversary will be one that will meet the fans desires.

“I’m grateful for all of the fans who have loved and supported Sonic for so long, and I hope that I can make it a year to celebrate the 30th anniversary with all of the fans in order to meet their desires. We would like to continue to grow our brand as one that can be enjoyed by people around the world, so we look forward to your support.”

You can read the full interview at OTAQUEST, and as soon as we find news about the next Sonic game for the 30th anniversary celebration year of 2021, we’ll lightspeed dash our way to the scene and bring you the latest details. Stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium!


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  1. I feel like there’s one thing that’s left out. The filler of the 2010’s. Sonic Boom! Ever since the TV show was cancelled and the final game on 3DS they’ve been quiet on the spin off. I understand that Rise of Lyric is not appreciated and is the worse 3D Sonic since 06. but I like the idea of Sonic going to different developers. Look at Sonic Mania! Even though it didn’t work the best the first time. I still think the boom series could be something to hold off until the next mainline game.

  2. Yeah right, 2D and 3D Sonic have seriously seen better ‘good care’ many times in the fan game community.

  3. I’m happy that Sonic Team leader Takashi says that both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic “will be taken care of.” Nice man.

  4. Actions speak louder than words

    I can’t say that Sonic is in good hands after so many broken promises

    1. You are right. Actions speak louder than words. The comments from Axis and SSJSonicXX14 (and also Kenan) about why that game took risks and was ambitious in all the worst ways just like all of Sonic Team’s failures. One month before commenting on this article, North Texas Daily also revealed on reporting that for Sonic Team and Iizuka to extract the most potential from Sonic they should give up the series, selling them to Nintendo, and drop the Sonic from their team name.

      Why? Because Sonic has fallen drastically into one of the biggest laughing stocks in video games thanks to SEGA’s mishandling of the character. The article to know why Sonic Team and Iizuka should give up the series can be seen here:

    1. Yep, and it sells better, costs far less to produce… and makes the majority of the fanbase happy.

      I’ll take more, I have no problem with that.

  5. I’m a little torn about this to be honest, I didn’t really hate forces that much, it was a 5/10 to be honest. I know Iizuka means when he says he wants to meet fans desires, or want’s to take good care of the franchise. but I don’t know if I should be excited or be skeptical about this, a lot of people are skeptical on this, little to no one I know is the former… Iizuka at least cares, he was the reason mania existed and I LOVE it, he wants to see this franchise succeed like everyone else does, and I think he means that with all of his heart… but at the same time, people are really upset about this man, he’s done a lot of bad things too, forces was mediocrity as expected, TSR is supposedly undercooked, and a lot of people are calling out their frustration on sonic team, for a good reason… I don’t know what to think anymore… darn, being a sonic fan IS tough.

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