Sonic Forces Mobile Introduces Tikal Today in Keeper of Chaos Event

Tikal is now available on Sonic Forces Mobile for a limited time, as part of the game’s “Keeper of Chaos” event. The event will run for ten days, from now until June 15, and will give players a chance to unlock the character by completing specific missions. As a a “super rare” character, players must collect 30 cards before the event is over to unlock her.

Tikal has a speed rating of 10/10, an acceleration rating of 6/10, and a strength rating of 5/10. She brings three new power ups to the game, including:

Chao Guardian: Chao skip ahead to damage rivals.

Chao Chase: Run with chao, and gain an extra speed boost when you tag rivals.

Captive Light: A shining light appears in front of rivals, blinding them if they hit it.

If you miss this event, this likely won’t be your only chance to get her. This event comes on the heels of one that gave people another opportunity to unlock the Sonic movie characters, after all!

If we’re able to unlock Tikal before the event ends, check this space for footage of her in action.

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  1. The next addition after Tikal will be, as I wish, Ben Muttski, and will be followed by Sticks, Zooey, and Perci. I strongly hope the Freedom Fighters will join too, afterwards.

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