SEGA Unveils the Absolutely Adorable Game Gear Micro

Have you ever wanted a SEGA Game Gear that could actually fit in your pocket? Well good news, because SEGA did you one better with their newest mini console, the SEGA Game Gear Micro, which is so small you could (probably) swallow it, or at least fit comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Unveiled on their 60th anniversary website just minutes ago, little is known about the portable device…aside from its size, and one of its games: the 8-bit portable version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. More will be revealed at the device’s formal unveiling at 1PM Tokyo time. Until then, take a look at the device itself below!

As we reported earlier, Famitsu supposedly had a major “PS5 level” SEGA announcement in store for today, which marks SEGA’s 60th anniversary. It is currently not known if this is that announcement or not. Either way, stay tuned!

The SEGA Game Gear was SEGA’s one and only dedicated portable console. Launched in 1990, the console was essentially a portable Master System with improved color capabilities. It was the closest thing the Game Boy had to proper competition in the 1990s, and sold more than 10 million units worldwide before being discontinued in 1997 after failing to put a dent in Nintendo’s market share. It was briefly re-released by Majesco a few years later.


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  1. I wonder if this is gonna convince Nintendo to do micro versions of their portable systems. Can you imagine a Game Boy micro? Uh, not that one.

  2. huh, I hope this has some kind of tv output, cause I’m actually fairly interested in a game gear collection, but not if I can’t see the anything. I’m not interested in it just as a collectors item. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. I wouldn’t really buy the Game Gear because of the size. Nintendo Life said it would cost around $50. But for collectors this is a great item and I can guarantee this will be very rare.

  4. I dunno, its honestly too small, even by micro/mini versions standards.

    Also, I know its not but I would have a good laugh if this was somehow related to the ‘big Sega news’ scoop from Famitsu. ^^

  5. Wasn’t the Nomad also a portable?

    Anyway, this better have a TV tuner included 😛

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