The BEST Sonic-Themed Animal Crossing Customisations

Sonic the Hedgehog fans have been turning their creativity to Nintendo’s ultra popular Animal Crossing New Horizons – check out our favourite designs and customisations below!

1. Welcome to the Green Hill Zone!

@NigelLievaart on Twitter has gone all out with his Green Hill Zone village, complete with palm trees, checkerboard paving, and even a star post! Congrats on your sub 30-second speed run as well…

If you want to download the custom  designs for the paving, you can do so here!

2. Uhhh…meow?

This heterochromatic scientist cat has won the adoration of many Animal Crossing fans, and even omnitalented Sonic artist Nibrock, who has given him a Sonic the Hedgehog-esque makeover.

Maybe he would give Tails a run for his money as Sonic’s new sidekick?

3. Movie Night

@Mr_Gurin has created an impressive outdoor cinema – which happens to be showing the greatest movie of all time. Needs a chillidog stand and some doughnuts though.

4. Watch out! You’re gonna crash! Ahhh!

Visiting friends on their island is great (besides the long loading times), and its great to get a bird’s eye view as you fly in…but rather disconcertigly @Ruki185 has elected to place this large canvas floor painting on the fly path. I guess Wilbur should take that chaos emerald out of the seaplane engine…

5. Froggy Villagers

You might have spent hours hunting for a frog with a weird tail in ponds around your island (if you are, you might want to check you’re not a robot). If you’ve still not found one, or just love Big’s best buddie, how about wandering around in this fetching cap and shirt instead, replicas of the shop items from the Team Sonic Racing shorts? Follow the link for the code to download them yourself. Great work @ghostweeps!

6. A Genuine Work of Art

Our very own Dreadknux has also put his brush to canvas, and created this snazzy portrait of Sonic himself. Perhaps one for the dining room! Remember though, his name is not Quaid.

7. Maria, You Gotta See Her

@megu_art_ has re-imagined the island experience, in which you play Maria and interact with AC-themed villagers. We know we would spend hundreds of hours digging up Master Emerald shards on the beach…

They have even gone as far as to create a whole host of character models!

8. Kit Out Your Wardrobe

Aaron Hammerstron has been super busy crafting some awesome custom items in Animal Crossing – and not just Sonic-themed either! We are loving the Eggman shirt and the Sonic the comic design – and we will definitely be customising some magazines with those later!

9. The Whole Nine Yardleys

This one made us laugh! Art.

10. A Spring in your step

This Sonic spring hat by @S41tySn4ck has some phenomenal shading work on it! Definitely one to bounce around the island with.

We want a barrel of doom next.

11. Move Over K.K. Slider

Youtuber SuperMilltendo has created this handy youtube guide to retuning your town anthem to be more Sonical…here are 18 Sonic-themed songs and the notes you will need!

12. I AM THE E.G.G.M.A.N.

We’ve seen hundreds of takes on the Eggman outfit designed by fans in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but Marc Knelsen was one of the first to get take his photo with Mabel, AC’s resident blue hedgehog. The moustache makes it for us.

Got any great Animal Crossing customisations you think deserve a place in our list? Let us know in the comments!

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