Sonic Chief Brand Officer: Exciting News Coming For Sonic’s 30th Anniversary

As you might be aware, it’s Sonic’s 30th anniversary next year. Just in case you were worried that SEGA might forget about that fact, and have absolutely nothing planned, fear not! SEGA America’s Chief Brand Officer for Sonic, Ivo Gerscovich, has teased that they have some ‘exciting’ things to share soon.

In an interview with GamingTrends – which runs through everything from Sonic’s movie design to the blue blur’s appearance in the OK KO cartoon – Gerscovich answered a question about Sonic’s 30th anniversary with the first formal tease that something big is coming…

“Yes! We have some exciting news that we can’t wait to share. But you’ll have to stay tuned for details…”

When pushed for more – as well as a ‘final words’ to Sonic fans worldwide – Gerscovich added, “Stay tuned our friends, Sonic’s just getting started……..”

What are you hoping for from Sonic’s 30th anniversary? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Sonic Mania 2. That would be all.

    I dont trust sonic team to make a game to do 30 years justice. Generations JUST about cut it but was far, far, far too short

    1. Yeah, Sonic Team has burned my trust in them after the last two decades. They clearly don’t know what people like about Sonic and are more just trying anything to see if it sticks and anything viewed slightly positively will be continue till people bore of it.

  2. New awesome game obviously! It all went wrong for the 15th anniversary (as we all know) when SEGA were churning out game after game after game, so I’m hoping this relative period of quiet means they’re putting a lot of effort into one brilliant game rather than rushing several games

    1. I hope, but considering Forces took 4 years, I’m don’t know if that’s going to help. I’m under the feeling Sonic Team just don’t know what the fans want out of a Sonic game and are just throwing darts and seeing what sticks. At least that’s what it feels like anymore.

      1. Or maybe it’s because the fans themselves don’t know what they want; there is a reason why the fanbase is so fractured these days.

  3. I just want for them to finish the Sonic mega drive 25th anniversary comic please we need an ending

  4. A sonic funeral that’s what i’m hoping for. Let the hedgehog die, if sonic was an actor he’d be a 90s star alcoholic doing movie’s for a handfull of change to fund his alcohol addiction. Let him go sega of america, i know sonic is the only thing going for sega of america but let him go so you can produce some good games for once instead of this crap.

    1. Just Because You Wish Sonic To Be Dead It Isn’t Mean That He Is Officially Dead. sonic
      Is Always Alive And Sega Will Not Let Sonic Die So Don’t Become A Sonic Hater Or You
      Will Regret You Life😤

      1. What? Are You Going To Complain About That During The Coronavirus Outbreak!?😡
        You Should Be Ashamed To Yourself😠 I Would Like Sega To Hear Your Attitude From Your Comment👿

    2. My 8 year old would be heartbroken. He’s Sonic every year for the past four years during Halloween and carries his Sonic toys with him. Sonic has been a good inspiration to him that even though you’re little or different than others like autism you can succeed. He’s not the only little kid that loves Sonic. This character is a good role model.

  5. As You Know I’m A Sonic Fan I Never Hate Sonic He’s My Favorite Character For All These Years And If You That He Sucks Then That Means Your Sonic Hater Because If Your A Sonic Hater Every Sonic Fans When Not Like You Or Your Attitude About Sonic The Hedgehog.
    So Don’t Complain About Sonic Or You Will End Up Having A Coronavirus Virus In You!!! Wishing Bad Things To Sonic Will Make Your Life Ruined I Asure You! And I’m Not Kidding…😡😡😡👿👿👿

  6. You Will Find Out What Will Happen To You When This Future Holds To Your Pititful Life.

  7. Sonic Colors and Generations did really well in my part. But, whatever they plan to share us some news about Sonic’s 30th anniversary in 2021, It would be much exciting as we are hoping for but i would not get my hopes on this just yet. Lets see how this turns out once we see a trailer for it and a new gameplay and animation.

  8. That Sonic Team make a continuation of Sonic Forces, I see that is difficult. But I know that Sonic Team works in Sonic Adventure Remake. Really I don’t know that of 2015 game idea that also they working. I will like to continue the saga or SEGA makes new Sonic 2D games retro or with more graphic.

  9. I can’t wait for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary in 2021, it’s going to be Awesome. It should be very Exciting for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary in 2021, because I’m a BIG fan of Sonic the hedgehog. I agree with sonicgalaxy27 also.

  10. I would love to see the Freedom Fighters from SatAM (and Archie’s comics return). They had better to. And I don’t like to be among the haters of the Freedom Fighters, which would eventually grow and becoming the haters of the whole Sonic franchise.

  11. Is sonic coming out with a new video game
    This year I waiting for u it🤍

  12. I hope that Tails can be playable again
    Come on bring back my favorite 2 tailed Fox Already

  13. I enjoyed Colors, Generations, and Mania. Forces and Lost World were okay for me, but I’m excited to see where SEGA and Sonic go this time, though!

  14. Maybe a Sega Sonic game featuring characters from the Sat AM (Sally Acorn’s Freedom Fighters) and IDW Sonic comic book characters (Tangle and Whisper)?

    1. I positively agree with Darryl Heine. And hoping a Sega Sonic game featuring characters from the Sat AM (Sally Acorn’s Freedom Fighters) like Darryl said.

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