“Sonic Boom is Done” According to Former Executive Producer

After two seasons of low-stakes action, clever jokes, slice of life scenarios and plenty of meta references, we have finally gotten some official confirmation that the Sonic Boom television show will not be continued.

During a special Reddit “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) featuring Ivo Gersovich, the Chief Brand Manager of the Sonic Series in America, fans asked a plethora of questions regarding the franchise as a whole. One question that received an answer had to do with the state of Sonic Boom.

“We plan to keep Sonic Boom airing and selling games, but at the moment there are no plans for a new Sonic Boom specific TV series or game.”

Generally, “no plans” could mean anything. But the executive producer of the Sonic Boom TV show took it upon himself to clarify what was being said:


“There will be no season three. Sonic Boom is done.” 

That is probably the most cutting way to put it, but the executive producer of Sonic Boom tells no lies. While SEGA wants to keep the show in syndication and keep the associated games on the market, the hope of making new content of any kind seems all but dissolved.

While this unceremonious confirmation is biting, it’s also unsurprising, sadly. Even though the television show was considered to be really good, it was almost dead on arrival due to unfavourable scheduling on the Cartoon Network as well as being associated with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, a game that was universally panned by fans and critics alike. The 3DS tie-ins were considerably better, although they were not enough to make up for the damage that was already done.

While Sonic Boom as we know it may be gone, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what we already have! (Believe me, as someone who grew up with SatAM, I know that this will sting for a lot of fans.

Let’s talk about what we liked about Sonic Boom in the comments! What were your favourite episodes? Did you like any of the games? The tie-in comic? Let us know down below!

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  1. I liked Sonic Boom a lot and hearing that it is gone is a little sad; honestly though, I’m more excited for what Sega has in store for the future.

    I will miss the evil ham. May it Rest In Peace.

  2. I recently saw the Doomsday Project on TV for the first time, despite not being very familiar with SatAM and I STILL felt annoyed at the Snively end.

    I only saw the first season of Boom, which was enough to say the least.

    But Boom finally being gone… *Dan Green’s epic Mephiles laugh*, the Sonic series needs something that doesn’t require axing all of the iconic characters into something they’re not.

    If they want to work Sticks into whatever later on that’s fine but I will not miss stupid-buff Knuckles.

    As Sonic says to Shadow at the end of SA2.

  3. Good riddance, most overrated Sonic cartoon since SatAM. It completely bastardized the characters.

    1. “Overrated.” A term the pretentious like using to discredit popular opinions.

      Whatever your favorite game is, I will quickly call it overrated it

    2. Oh please. It’s called a SPIN-OFF, for a reason. It’s not going to stay in-tune with the originals and it doesn’t have to.

      Far too many people NEVER like change. While the originals were fine, it doesn’t hurt to have different approaches, and while the games were crap, the comics and cartoon were praised, and they deserved it. “I don’t like this show!!” =/= overrated. I’m glad there weren’t as many people in there as you that wanted to bring down at least the good aspects of the Sonic Boom franchise, so good riddance to you guys.

    3. It did. But at least SatAM had quality, instead of going the TTG/millenial/”doesn’t-take-itself-too-seriously-but-flips-the-bird-towards-dreamcast/early-gamecube-fans” route.

  4. Omg the show was genius. The jokes were so clever! Those who didn’t appreciate it obviously couldn’t keep up with the humor.

    1. Thank god there weren’t many people like you that wanted to bring down the good aspects of something different about the usual franchise. Most who watched this or read the comics actually liked it, unlike the games, which were understandably hated. To not be open-minded to even mere spin-offs that were different from the usual, you must be such a boring person.

  5. I’m honestly going to miss Sonic Boom as a series, the games I didn’t really like, but the show had very clever jokes, especially in its second season, it will be missed

  6. I loved the show and did really hope that there would be a season 3. I even have ideas of my own to help complete the season, but with this luck, I guess I’ll try to find a way to hope to make it happen. I was even expecting Lyric to at least show in it once. Though the game was complete rubbish it would of been nice to at least see a character that drove the series. I mean you guys can put in Defect but you couldn’t put in lyric? That seemed a little wrong. But I mean I guess that would just leave a new producer to take their place.

  7. Being a long life sonic the fan I could appreciate the different style in the cartoon and have to say it was fantastic! They definitely changed up the characters but is a fun and good watch. Plus was great to watch with my daughter too. If you’re a sonic fan check it out and don’t go into it thinking classic sonic, its meant to be a bit out there and does it well. Shame they’re not making a season 3

  8. I’ve waited sweet, sweet years to finally see that the mistake that was Sonic Boom is over. Good riddance!

  9. I’m actually gonna miss this show

    R.I.P Sonic Boom

    It was a bad game but, it was a very good television series.

  10. Their biggest mistake was not making an action or adventure Sonic cartoon. Comedy can be a hit or a miss and isn’t rewatchable. And 2D flash animation would’ve been less expensive and allow for more expressions, robots, environments, etc. I don’t know how people say this was good, the CGI is terrible and the assets are reused too many times.

  11. Fine by me, the show (and a few of the Archie issues too) had its fair share of golden moments, and I do like the SB counterpart of Amy a lot more then the original tbh, but in general it was very shallow.

  12. Honestly, I am not surprised. Cartoon Network did mess up the scheduling, even going as far as to make season two debuts exclusive to Boomerang, which no one possibly does). And while I did enjoy Shattered Crystal, Rise of Lyric was horrible (especially when you see the story of how it became the gaming disaster it is).

    Then again, this is possibly going to happen to Mega Man Fully Charged as well, since it got way worst from CN (put in an early morning slot and not getting advertisement on the network).

  13. You thought Sonic Boom was good because of references and so called “Clever jokes”
    The jokes and episode plots were literally written on toilet paper and the source material is insulting. Nothing that ever happened in Boom made you care about where the series was going.

    It was just cheap eye candy for a handful of people just because it made references. Oooooo, that made it automatically as good as something like Sonic X where the plots went somewhere and we had actual character development.

    1. “As good as something like Sonic X”

      Sonic X was a literal shit-tier shonen; its best season felt like a thumbs-down bootleg compilation of ten better shows with Sonic characters badly shoved in as if it were a 14-year-old’s Sonic-insert fanfiction. Its character development was no better than arcs seen in similar TV-Y7 baby shows. And it’s far, far too often compared to Dragon Ball Z by people who demonstrate virtually no understanding of Dragon Ball beyond vague memories of the exquisitely shitty early-2000s English dub. Literal Saturday morning trash that’s overhyped by Sonic fans because the standards of the series have been set that impressively low by their long-time abuser, Sonic Team.

      But I agree. It wasn’t even on par with THAT. Sonic Boom’s show has nothing beyond memes, eyerolling wink-to-the-audience sarcasm, and self-referential 4th-wall-breaking humor— the comedy equivalent of the third-world. And I’ve since realized that it was boosted entirely by YouTube cartoon reviewers who unironically herald children’s programming as modern high art right on par with John Updike or Vladimir Nabokov (whom they’ve probably never heard or read and would make a silly sardonic meme about this very comment if they read it).

      It’s a CGI Teen Titans Go featuring Sonic characters. Its entire shtick is “Sonic and (some of) his friends engage in bad Millennial/Zoomer humor for 21 minutes.” The Sonic cameo in OK KO was more entertaining. Why watch it when you could watch Hilda or the Owl House? For Sonic? As far as I’m concerned, fan animations on YouTube provide more enjoyment in that regard.

  14. The show I thought was really good, I was skeptical when they redesigned the characters and their personalities, but the show won me over with it’s self-deprecating humour. The sonic fan episode was gold 😂 I get why people didn’t like the changes they made (especially knuckles) but I was okay with it because it was a spin-off rather than a replacement – a different interpretation like official fan fiction lol

  15. Sonic Boom was not so bad after all. I hated it at first but it grew on me. The game was bad but the show was pretty good.

  16. Sad to hear it, but it’s not surprising. Sonic Boom really grew on me, to the point that I was really hoping there would be a 3rd season, but it had been long enough without any news that it really didn’t seem to have a chance. Unfortunately the show’s popularity didn’t skyrocket until the first 2 seasons had already been out for a while, and that sort of belated praise just isn’t enough to save a TV show that doesn’t already have more content in the works.

  17. I thought the Sonic Boom TV show was bloody marvelous!! OK so some episodes could have done with a bit more but most were top notch!! Find it really surprising that there’s a lot of negativity around it and you’re right…some people just can’t handle change. I for one am super grateful that Amy Rose is no longer the whiny, clingy character she once was back in the day! Loved the subtle references that she and Sonic fancied each other though. Felt like it was executed brilliantly. Shame about series 3. Felt like the upgraded look was awesome too (although it wouldn’t have suited the movie!).

    Here’s hoping they’ll make something similar again soon.

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