This Fan-Made Sonic Movie Costume is So Realistic He’s Doing TikTok Duets With Other Cosplayers

It’s a good thing that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released to cinemas back in February, before the coronavirus pandemic caused a total lockdown of many different cities and countries. Because we figure if Ben Schwartz’s blue blur and Jim Carrey’s Dr Robotnik had their face-off now, it’d probably go down on social media, or Skype or something.

That’s the added genius behind this trending video that’s been getting a lot of attention in the Sonic community. As you can see, this talented fellow has created his own, life-size Sonic the Movie costume – complete with animated eyebrows and moving mouth – and has taken to TikTok to riff with other cosplayers around the world!

If the epic work on the suit above didn’t make your jaw drop to the floor, this will do the trick: the head also lights up with kinetic energy!

The costumer, known as ‘Sonic the Cosplayer‘, created this piece back in February to coincide with the release of the movie, but with the virus lockdown in full effect he hasn’t had much of an opportunity to wear it outside since then. Cue friends on social media to pick up the slack, with fellow cosplayer ‘Mister Doctor’ collaborating in what they call a ‘TikTok Duet’.

We think it’s awesome, and Mr. Sonic the Cosplayer really has Sonic’s mannerisms down to a tee here. We hope he’s able to get outside and take that suit for a real run once we all get out of our lockdowns!

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