Sonic Fan Games HQ Organise Charity Art Stream to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

So. You’ve probably noticed that we haven’t really updated the site in a few days. A while. Not an awful lot’s been happening. To anyone. Because at the moment, the world is currently gripped in a series of public lockdowns and quarantines to stop the spread of an awful virus known as coronavirus (or COVID-19). But some Sonic fans have banded together to try and help raise money to support the fight against the pandemic.

Community fan gaming portal (and long-standing friendly neighbour of The Sonic Stadium for decades) Sonic Fan Games HQ has announced a special charity stream which will see a number of artists take live requests for a small donation. All proceeds will be going to Direct Relief, an organisation set up to help with coronavirus relief.

“For $5, any available artist on the stream will whip up your doodle and for $15, you can choose which artist draws for you,” SFGHQ announced on Twitter. “Keep in mind these will be quick sketches/doodles, but they don’t need to be Sonic related at all (but please keep requests SFW!!)” You heard them – that means none of your weird Jim Carrey Robotnik feet fetishes, alright?

The broadcast will take place on the Sonic Amateur Games Expo’s YouTube channel on Saturday 18th April. The stream will begin at 7:30pm Central US Time (5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern, Sunday 1:30am UK). Check out SFGHQ’s announcement and support the cause here. Best of luck, guys!

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