SEGA Japan Officially Reveals ‘Sonic 2020’ Initiative With Regular News Blasts

As we originally reported back at the start of the years, SEGA launched a #Sonic2020 campaign to mark the turning of the decade. Today, SEGA Japan further confirmed the launch of its ‘Sonic 2020’ initiative with promises of new Sonic news on the 20th of every month this year.

January’s special announcement was, of course, the reveal of this whole initiative. A subsection of the Sonic Channel website has opened to celebrate the occasion, where fans can download Twitter headers, social media icons and phone backgrounds.

SEGA Japan is also hosting a live-event Calendar Quiz, where Japanese fans can win special fan goods by participating (they can also participate by sending in fan art). A picture of these goods are below – check out the cool member’s card!

It sounds like 2020 will be a big year for Sonic – we’re keeping our eyes open for next month’s news drop, and as always we’ll be the first to let you know what that is.

via SEGADriven / Gematsu

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    1. How about this keep the original voice cast as the primary, the secondary will be Jason sonic x cast and third Roger Craig Smith cast also the Japanese original cast with english subtitles. I pay between $70.00 to $100.00 for a reworked released of sonic adventure with add ons stuff you can do in the game. Also I would pay the same price for a sonic adventure 2 reworked. If they released sonic adventure 3 please get all possible original voice cast(sa1) starting with Ryan, of course the secondary voice cast will be Roger Craig Smith cast I would pay same price for it.

  1. Maybe a Sonic Adventure 1&2 remake and a Sonic Adventure inspired game with two new male and female hedgehogs as siblings which are related to Sonic as their older cousin and a new male echidna and a new hawk villain. Which will be released next year for Sonic’s 30th anniversary.

      1. 2020: Sonic Adventure 1&2 remake with a current voice actors from Team Sonic Racing..
        2021: Sonic Adventure 3 with new male and female hedgehog siblings related to Sonic and a new echidna related to knuckles and a return of the Chaos emeralds and the current voice actors from Team Sonic Racing.

  2. I’d be tempted by the wallpapers if it wasn’t for the horrific semi-transparent checkerboard pattern they used that utterly ruins any chance they had of being good (which also exists on the site itself and makes it hard to look at).

    The Twitter banner and avatars are nice though.

  3. You morons at sega Don’t know when to quit apparently how much more can you BLEED out of this character? Not even a spin off for Tails or Knuckles???

  4. Let me know when Sonic Team has their crap together and makes a really good game and I’ll be excited.

  5. Forget sonic.. Whereas shinobi, golden axe, streets of rage and sagas other classic IP.s? They have more than enough ups to create a new console. But they would prefer to use the old sonic like they are still competing with Mario. New CEO please.

  6. Step 1 new swat game with action.
    Step 2 new shinobi game with great Ninja music
    Step 3 new golden axe game with barbarian magic lore add alerted beast section for replayability
    Step 4 new nights game reminiscent of the Saturn title not the Wiimake. Arcade style please.
    Step 5 new Virtua fighter maybe with cross over titles.
    Step 6 new house if the dead title and panzer dragoon title.
    Step 7 Finally the conclusion. Have your Sega mini producers team with already making for you retro bit and produce something Dreamcast similar aesthetic mini. Place all new titles starting with Sonic mania plus on new mini console. With WiFi enabled and some storage expansion updates to system games and even new games can be added. Give enough for fixes to system, dlc to existing games and finally space to download any new games possibly added in the Future

  7. Geez, I just want a new Sonic game that’s interesting again. If they managed to go back to the basics for 2D Sonic then they can do the same with 3D, give us something that doesn’t force the gameplay into 2D midway into the stage. Make a simple story that’s not Sonic & Tails exchanging dumb jokes throughout. It’s time to shelve Orbot and Cubot.

    If they go 2D, don’t just make it Mania 2, make a full 2D game with new stages, and don’t forget Amy this time.

    They need to put out a game, not a demo.

  8. These days it seems like Sega and Sonic Team only focus on releasing ‘major’ Sonic titles during anniversary years, which is not a good thing.
    It won’t happen but I would like to see at least one huge Sonic game being released this year, heck I even take the rumored SA1 remake.

  9. I don’t know what game will be, but I pray the Freedom Fighters will be back permanently, especially to comics. Despite rumours of IDW makeover for them. I also want them to the Sonic game coming this year, also with the inclusion of Freedom Fighters for the very first time ever.

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