SEGA Releases Splash Hill Zone Remix

SEGA has been releasing a slew of remixes of old Sonic tunes lately. Today, they graced us with a remix of Sonic 4’s Splash Hill Zone medley, composed by Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue.

Check it out below! Is it an improvement over the original? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I usually try to keep my opinions out of news stories, so I’ll answer it here:

    Yes, this is DEFINITELY an improvement. With stuff like this and the Sonic R “Can You Feel the Sunshine” remix, SEGA’s been on fire with this stuff lately. So cool to see them leaning on the music, given that’s probably been the most consistently good part of the franchise.

  2. I am seriously sick of Tee Lopes. Tee Lopes this, Tee Lopes that, none of his original compositions are even that great or memorable, objectively speaking, and the remixes are a matter of opinion. I personally don’t like them. I think all of his music sounds samey and unimaginative.
    I do not understand why Sega insists on promoting him out of all people. All he did was compose some music for an official fangame (who honestly remembers more than 5 seconds of the original Mania tunes? Or even some of the remixes?) and then just did a bunch of generic remixes which don’t exactly require a high amount of creativity or musical talent to do. Hardly a contribution worth of this level of promotion.

    1. He’s a professional musician that they hired to make music and they are giving him credit for his work in the posts. They aren’t “promoting” him any more than they are Jun Senoue who also worked on this. Sorry you aren’t a fan, but this is a bizarre reason to oppose these remixes.

      1. I don’t “oppose” these remixes, I’m just tired of his mediocre work being put on the pedestal like it’s some kind of masterpiece to behold. Sega has worked with more professional musicians who contributed way more to the franchise than Lopes’ handful of trumpet-filled remixes ever will but you only ever see Tee Lopes. Or Tee Lopes + someone else who isn’t Tee Lopes. Did I mention Tee Lopes? TEE LOPES!
        And don’t you dare try and put Senoue on the same level as Lopes to diminish my argument. The amount of original compositions Senoue has made for ONE Sonic game outnumbers all the remixes of other people’s work Lopes did in his entire Sega career. And he only ever gets lumped together with Tee Lopes on these collab remixes.
        Lopes’ musical contribution to the franchise is honestly so miniscule and so non-noteworthy it barely even exists, but we’re regularly force-fed “his” music (it’s not really his if it’s remixed) by the official Sonic account.

  3. I can barely even hear Tee Lope’s contribution in the background, and yet he’s the one constantly being pushed. He only made a bigger impact on the last part of the contribution

    This remix is all Senoue and wouldn’t be so foreign if it was released on the Dreamcast as an Adventure stage. It also shows how gimped Senoue was when he was initially trying to create the arrangement on a poor man’s Genesis soundfont. This sounds better.

    Honestly, Senoue could’ve done this by himself but I guess this needed Lopes social media boost so, here it is.

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