Unused 3D Blast Demo Music Reveals Shocking Connection to Sonic Adventure

Remember those cool music samples from Sonic 3D Blast? Well, Jon Burton has uploaded another lost demo track onto his GameHut YouTube channel, and fans of Sonic Adventure for the SEGA Dreamcast might find it to be quite familiar!

Did you catch it!? This unused Special Stage theme is actually an early version of Twinkle Park’s “Pleasure Castle” music in Sonic Adventure! Sonic 4 Episode 2 also saw a reference to this melody in White Park Zone: Act 2.

Musically inclined fans may have already picked out similarities between Sonic Adventure and the Mega Drive version of Sonic 3D: Flickie’s Island. Many tracks in the Dreamcast classic were composed by Jun Senoue, the very same composer. Some notable ones include Panic Puppet being “Twinkle Cart” for Twinkle Park, and Green Grove being “The Air” for Windy Valley.

It makes one wonder what other tracks of Jun Senoue’s are based off of unused material from the past. The moment we find out, we’ll keep you posted right here on the Sonic Stadium!

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  1. It’s only a ‘shocking connection’ if you ignore the fact that Green Grove 1 was used for the third part of Sonic’s Windy Valley (and the only part of Tails’), and Panic Puppet 1 was used for the Twinkle Cart opening of Sonic’s Twinkle Park.

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