Original Sonic The Comic Artwork From “The Origin of Sonic” Sells At Auction

The original artwork from one of the most well-known Fleetway Sonic the Comic strips has sold at auction for a bucket-load of rings!

The artwork, created by Sonic the Comic and 2000 AD artist Richard Elson, recognisable as they were used in many other publications in both the UK and the USA, comprises 7 full-page artworks which make up the complete strip. The pages tell the canon origin story for Sonic in the west, in which a brown-spiked Sonic meets scientist Doctor Kintobor, with both going through their transformations to the blue blur and Robotnik respectively.

All pages were listed separately, and sold for a combined total of well over £4000 ($5000), with page 4, Sonic’s “first” emergence, selling for in excess of £1600 itself.

You can check out all of the images of each page from the listings in the gallery below.


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  1. I loved musing over this origin story and the artwork that explained the start of Sonic’s blue color and the emeralds in the ROCC that also created the containment rings/rings.

    Did these pages all go to the same buyer?? So Page 4 went for the most money then, huh?

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