The Official Sonic Art & Design Book To Be Updated With 32 New Pages In Next Reprint

Video game art dealer Cook & Becker have announced that the next reprint of the Official Sonic the Hedgehog Art & Design Book will feature 32 pages of new content from Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, and Team Sonic Racing. First released in 2016 as part of Sonic’s 25th anniversary, the book originally only went as far as releases from that year.

Cook & Becker hinted at this last week, leaving many to speculate that Sonic Mania would be receiving its own art book. However, according to the company’s twitter account, there would not have been enough content from the game to fill out its own art book, so they decided to update their 25th anniversary art book instead.

The updated book can be pre-ordered off of their website for $39.99 (plus $12.50 for shipping), and is currently scheduled to ship sometime in November.

They released some samples of the new pages, which you can check out in the gallery below:

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  1. The book was disappointing enough the first time around, no thanks!

    For anyone who hasn’t got this book: despite the name, it is hardly an artbook. It is not much more in-depth than if you printed some wiki pages, and has a pathetically small selection of art. If you are expecting a collection of illustrations, this book is NOT that. It is a franchise history book with a couple of accompanying pictures. There is a History of Sonic book that is better and cheaper. The only good side about this reprint is that it is a little bit cheaper than the arm and a leg that I and other original customers paid.

    Buy yourself Sonic Mania Plus instead, with the artbook in there. Smaller dimensions sure, but at least it is an actual artbook! Meanwhile, I will continue wishing that one day SEGA bring out an ACTUAL collection of illustrations.

    1. F***cling amen sir
      I have to agree on everything you’ve just said. This is a literal Mick take, 32 extra pages of “art” that’s either available online or in the Mania Plus package.
      SEGA need to get their finger out and release a massive ART book that’s just full of concept art and everything
      £60 I paid for the first release. No way i’am paying £40 + £12 shipping for pretty much a smidge of “new” stuff

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