UPDATE: New Mario and Sonic Trailer Shows Sonic Forces’ Metropolis and New Footage

One of the coolest things about the Mario and Sonic series, besides seeing Mario and Sonic together in the same game (that never gets old for a 90s kid) is seeing them compete in familiar territory. Dream Events are how we do it in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, and in the Tokyo 2020 edition, we get a glimpse of a level from the more recent Sonic Forces, among others.

Mario and friends finally get to try out hover boards (Sonic’s gang has been doing it since Sonic Riders in 2006) in the Racing Dream Event, taking place in Sonic Forces’ Metropolitan Highway!

Another event, Dream Karate, takes place in front of Princess Peach’s iconic castle. Unlike traditional karate (inside and outside of the Mario and Sonic way of doing things), this appears to be a 4 player experience, rather than 1 on 1.

Finally, Dream Shooting doesn’t seem to take place in a familiar environment from either Mario or Sonic’s worlds, but instead is based in Japan. You travel through old Shinto style shrines and temples and shoot at targets.

The official 2020 Olympics website has added footage of the Dream Events on their page for Mario and Sonic, and it’s looking great! Check out SonicWindBlue’s tweet for the Dream Event footage, and be sure to look at the official site for more footage of other events.

These three are the only Dream Events we currently know about, but there’s a possibility there could be more. Are you excited to play through these dream events? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I love the city levels in Sonic games but this is kinda bland looking. I can instantly tell it apart from the Mario levels tho!

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