Mario & Sonic 2020’s Complete Character Roster Appears To Have Been Revealed

A SEGA site for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show lineup includes sample imagery that appears to show the total character roster for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Youtube channel GameXplain caught and reported on the leak earlier today.

The centers around a low-res image, pictured below:

The image shows the logos for 32 characters, including 12 unknown ones. Those include:

• Jet the Hawk
• Zavok
• Zazz
• Eggman Nega
• Espio
• Rouge
• Diddy Kong
• Toadette
• Larry Koopa
• Ludwig von Koopa
• Wendy O. Koopa
• Rosalina

Overall, only Toadette is new to the franchise, and if this is the final roster it will actually be smaller than Mario & Sonic 2016’s. These 12 characters join the announced 20, bringing the total roster size to 32 characters.

The characters officially announced to date include:

• Sonic
• Tails
• Knuckles
• Amy
• Eggman
• Shadow
• Silver
• Metal Sonic
• Blaze
• Vector
• Mario
• Luigi
• Princess Peach
• Princess Daisy
• Bowser
• Bowser Jr
• Yoshi
• Donkey Kong
• Wario
• Waluigi

Stay tuned to TSS for more updates on the Sonic-themed Tokyo 2020 video game titles!

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  1. Really good roster. Not as good as Rio’s but still a good representation of both franchises. Noticed I’m one of the few that comments here, so I might as well tell you that your job is amazing and please never stop, even though you don’t show any sign of doing so.

  2. Well Zavok was already shown in The E3 Trailer during a brief Boxing clip, so not surprised by him…

  3. Great news. I will look forward to this game. I liked all the previous versions of the game. I am really a big Nintendo fan. Believe it or not, Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics is a video game licensed by the International Olympic Committee itself. How many official games for the Olympic Games can be called? Nintendo will already have five this year, if you count for one game the version for the portable console and home. By the way, I want to mention rhythmic gymnastics. The gameplay in it is implemented according to the QTE method – you know, there are such music games where you need to press certain buttons to the beat. Good luck!

  4. I’m shocked the deadly six still have such a presence in modern stuff. Zavok is clearly the best designed but ugh he’s still kind of a mess.

    I’d take Cream over Zavok any day, though seeing Cream fight Bowser… no wait I would love that.

  5. Whether this is good or not depends on how they handle this roster. Are these extra characters usable in all events, or are they doing the whole Guest Character BS again.

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