Sonic & Tails Crossing Over into OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! Cartoon

Cartoon Network has revealed at their panel that Sonic and Tails will be guest starring in an episode of one of their shows: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. IGN has released a short clip from the episode, which we’ve embedded below:

It has been confirmed by the show’s executive producer that Roger Craig Smith and Colleen O’Shaughnessey will be voicing Sonic and Tails.

OK K.O.! follows the adventures of K.O., a young aspiring hero who, along with his friends Enid and Radicles, work in Gar’s Bodega and protect their home, Lakewood Plaza. The show just started its third season.

This crossover has been rumored for months, ever since an image of the episode was leaked on Reddit back in May. You can check out the image below:

This isn’t the show’s first crossover. It has previously crossed over with both Captain Planet, as well as with various Cartoon Network characters including Garnet, Raven, and Ben 10.

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  1. LOVE all the easter eggs happening with the music and poses!! But jfc I absolutely cannot stand the huge decline in animation quality across CN shows. This looks like a YouTube fanmade parody ugh

  2. Man, the poses were cute, but that AoStH leitmotif shows they really did their research. Neat.

  3. Cartoon Network tweeted with ‘gotta go fast’, they really did their research alright.

  4. Fantastic crossover, best official fan service to sonic fans in a long time. Worth watching with no context of OK KO at all.

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