[UPDATED] Has The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Been Futher Delayed?

[UPDATE: The date on the twitter page has been quietly corrected to February 2020. False alarm folks!]

ORIGINAL STORY: According to the date on the Official Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Twitter account, the scheduled release date has been further moved back to March 2020.

There has been no official confirmation of a change in release date, which was previously announced to be set for Valentine’s day (February the 14th), 2020.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Twitter account

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      1. No we wouldn’t be saying that if it were a Zelda or Mario movie because I doubt modern Nintendo would let a movie from thier flagship character ever look that bad XD

    1. Yeah but this film isn’t good at all from the trailer and info, changing a design isn’t going to save the film

      1. But time and MONEY has already been invested in this project. Not only that, they’re willing to go the route that no other live-action adaptation studio usually goes: being faithful the the franchise’s design and fixing big mistakes after a massive outcry.

        Why let that go to waste. It’s like a professor giving you extended time to redo a final paper before the course is over, after giving you an F for it.

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