Check Out More Footage of Sonic and Tails in OK K.O.!

New off-screen camera footage of the special Sonic and Tails OK KO episode has surfaced, and it’s chock full of references to past games, some meta commentary and could give us the set-up for the plot of the episode.

YouTube Channel Animation Dude was able to upload some footage from the episode, thanks to a promo that aired on Cartoon Network. While the footage isn’t as clean as the initial preview we reported on, it does give us more to look at!

It starts off with a quick cut of Sonic doing what he does best: collecting rings (Light Speed Dash style!) and racing against a robotic version of KO, the main character of the show, in what looks to be a Special Stage. The hexagonal “Tube Panic” Zone from Knuckles Chaotix, to be precise!

After that, an extended cut of the first part of the episode plays, showing KO absolutely geeking out over Sonic’s presence, completely ignoring Tails. KO even shows off his fan art of Sonic he drew from some of his more memorable moments, such as destroying the Death Egg, fighting Shadow the Hedgehog and yes, beating Mario in the Olympics. He got a gold medal. I guess it’s canon, now?

After showing off his drawings, Sonic comments on how there aren’t enough fans who have “encyclopedic knowledge” of his adventures, and then offers KO a job as his new “best buddy”, to Tails’ outrage. It seems like the plot will revolve around KO trying to be Sonic’s new sidekick and the shenanigans therein!

If you weren’t interested in this episode before, has this changed your mind? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to the Sonic Stadium for more updates on all things Sonic!

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    I can’t help but think of that one scene in SA2 where he’s like: ‘I’ll give you a real chaos emerald!’

    I guess genius is used loosely in Sonic’s world.

  2. Tails getting sidelined again, lol. I also laughed at the Mario & Sonic Olympics reference.

  3. Duuude…I feel bad for Tails 🙁 that’s not Sonic’s stuff, leaving his sidekick and best friend back…I guess there’s more to find out.

  4. Lol, I never really got into OK KO, but it always seemed like a harmless show with a…”curious” animation style. I was going to give this episode a curiosity watch anyway, but after seeing this clip, I HAVE to watch it, context be damned! XD

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