Celebrate Team Sonic’s Rivals League Win With Epic Sonic Forces Fan Art

The Sonic Forces Speed Battle ‘Rivals League’ event has finished, and there can only be one winner. Turns out, Team Sonic took the crown with 13,000 points over Team Rose’s 12,532. So close. But we think the real prizes we won in this tournament were the epic fan art pieces that the community created along the way.

Yep, even though the Rivals League only lasted a couple of weeks, it took no time at all for Sonic fans to draw up their own versions of Slugger Sonic and Amy Rose. We’ve picked the best ones we’ve seen and shared them with you here. If you also find any great pieces, feel free to share them too in the comments section below.

This absolutely adorable drawing by Relly features both Sonic and Amy in their batting gear, highlighted in beautiful pastel colours. We especially like Amy’s longer ‘hair’ in this piece. [ Twitter Post Link ]

Here we see the two baseball rivals facing off, looking a lot more sassy! Amy’s personality has been absolutely nailed perfectly here, and Sonic’s got his trademark attitude and grin for all to see. This was a great job by Daniela (aka @CuteyTCat), one of our favourites. [ Twitter Post Link ]

Twitter artist @uno_yu_ji is one of our favourite Sonic fan artists at the moment – one look at their channel will reveal an incredible gallery of work. This latest piece offers a really cool look at Sonic and Amy in trademark ‘lineart-less’ style. It looks so good we want to print it off and hang it on our wall. [ Twitter Post Link ]

We just love the pose and the angle of this piece! It’s giving off some serious baseball attitude. This Amy Rose portrait was made by Instagram artist @_zer097, and we think it’s super cool. Great stuff! [ Instagram Post Link ]

Although there’s a tonne of Slugger Amy fan art out there, it’s good to redress the balance somewhat and focus on the blue blur himself too. This sketch by BrandonMeza137 is one of our favourite pieces, adapting a classic Sonic pose and adding a cool lean onto a baseball bat. [ Twitter Post Link ]

This cute drawing of Amy Rose in full batting gear – baseball and all – comes from @chibiirose, who seems to be a massive fan of all things sparkly and cute. So it’s no surprise that this particular piece of fan art is making us go ‘awwww’ so much. Nice job, chibiirose! [ Twitter Post Link ]

And to round things off perfectly, @ArtSquidu has given us a treat – a range of emotions and poses for Slugger Amy Rose! We love the facial expressions here, from the contemplative furrowed brow while blowing gum to the cheeky grin she’s showing while giving the thumbs up. We can totally imagine an animation of Amy Rose coming up to bat using just this art style. [ Twitter Post Link ]

We take great care at The Sonic Stadium to properly credit artists and in doing so support the amazing work that they create. If any of our details are inaccurate or there’s something we can improve, we’d be happy to hear from you – just reach out to us!

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  1. All of these fan arts here are amazing! My favorite has to be the one by Daniela.

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