Mario & Sonic’s Tokyo Olympics Will Be Playable At E3 2019

SEGA has revealed its E3 2019 show floor lineup, and ‘Mario & Sonic’ fans who have been itching for a new entry since 2016 will be psyched to hear that the upcoming Nintendo Switch-exclusive Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 sequel will be playable.

Fans and press alike will be able to rock up to SEGA/Atlus’ E3 booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center and get a good go on the latest entry in the Greatest Sports Crossover Of All Timeā„¢.

The game was revealed back in March, but aside from some screenshots not an awful lot is known about it – it’s just as well that The Sonic Stadium will be in attendance at E3, with Dreadknux and T-Bird joining Jason in road-testing this and the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Mini console, which will also be making an appearance at SEGA’s booth. Expect hands-on impressions of both over the next week.

Other SEGA titles announced to be present at the publisher’s booth include Judgment, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth and a Catherine: Full Body ‘experience’ (whatever that means), as well as a bunch of cool retro swag. Which we will definitely steal a lot of.

Are you excited about what SEGA might show at E3 next week? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. I wasn’t itching for a new entry but I can’t deny I like party games with Sonic characters, I hope this one has more playable characters and more dream events, also that skateboard event is looking cool!

  2. my hope is for dream events to properly return with plenty to choose from and for the guest characters to just be default in the roster.

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