Check Out These Fan-Made Sonic Stages In Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

With the launch of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Stage Builder this week, fans have set about creating a multitude of distinctly Sonic-themed stages.

Check out our favourites in the article below!

Play on the Sonic 1 Title Screen

Complete with a moving wagging finger, this is definitely a great use of the mecahnical stage functions.

Code: 4PPTW76T

Get Dunked by Knuckles in Angel Island

The end of the first zone in Sonic 3 saw Sonic dropped into Hydrocity, and you can recreate that moment with this stage builder level, complete with destructable bridge! Zekkaran even went as far as creating the video below to capture the moment, complete with Knuckles Mii!


Emerald Shrine

A simple design – but we love the use of the battle field backdrop!
Just no taking the Master Emerald, m’okay?

Go Super In Doomsday Zone

Watch out for Eggman in his Doomsday robot in the shadow of the Death Egg! We do remember the robot being a little faster though…

Escape From The City

Created by Tracker_TD comes a stage including a rail (for grinding down presumably), and a backdrop to boot. We don’t know if you have to watch ou

Chaos…but at what expense?

This one makes us laugh! For what this stage lacks in accuracy of the moment, it certainlty makes up for it in heart…Open Your Heart that is!

Code: 0FV4L305

Have we missed any other great fan-made stages? Let us know in the comments!

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