This Sonic LEGO Set Is Incredible And You Can Help Make It Real

A LEGO-obsessed Sonic fan has wowed the online community by designing a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed set on the toy brick company’s ‘Ideas’ website. And, if enough of us vote for it, LEGO might actually make it a reality.

The set, created by LEGO Ideas user toastergrl, is based on Sonic Mania, with designs for Sonic and badnik minifigs from Green Hill Zone, alongside a colossal LEGO version of the Death Egg robot from the end of Sonic 2 (and the beginning of Sonic Mania). Toastergrl has even accounted for a cute little Phantom Ruby object in LEGO form!

It doesn’t just look pretty though. A lot of this is designed to be pretty functional. The set includes a variety of modular Green Hill Zone pieces that can be connected to construct loop-de-loops, palm trees and other environments, while a ‘working’ Spring object depresses and raises to allow players to launch Sonic into the air.

The project needs 10,000 votes on the LEGO Ideas website in order for the LEGO Company to consider working it into a real product you can buy on shelves. At that point, assumedly LEGO will approach SEGA to ask about licensing the product. But we don’t think it’ll have any trouble getting there – the page has hit 1,400 votes in just a little under 48 hours already, so if things pick up we’ll be hopefully seeing this in no time at all.

Head to the project page right here, click the blue button to give it your support. Best of luck, toastergrl!

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