SXSW Sonic Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Despite there being no evidence that Sega would be at this years SXSW, news has started to spread that the speakers database for the 2019 even has been updated to include various Sega personalities such as Takashi Iizuka and Aaron Webber.

Whilst this could have been a mistake, the official SXSW twitter account made the following tweet.

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Oh boy!!! Probs some Team Sonic Racing news and maybe a movie trailer!!! Possibly a “We have one final thing to show!” Teaser trailer for something that won’t come out for another year. Can’t wait!!

  2. What many fans will expect:
    – Sonic 3 & Knuckles remake by Stealth and Taxman.
    – Sonic Adventure remake.

    What will actually happen:
    – A new song for and new footage of Team Sonic Racing.
    – A preview of the next 12 months of IDW comics.
    – The first full Sonic movie trailer.

    What many fans will do afterwards:
    – Scream loudly about how Sega hates them while ignoring the fact they set their expectations way to high. Again. Because they never learn.

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