Mighty and Ray Figures Included In JAKKS Pacific Toy line

With New York Toy Fair in full swing this weekend, the news on new Sonic the Hedgehog toys has come thick and fast – and it looks like the new JAKKS Pacific toy line up will include the first ever official Ray and Mighty figures!

The figure / figurine series appears to be comprised of 7 characters, including all five protagonists, Metal Sonic and a “spin attack” Sonic (what, no Amy or Eggman?). Each figurine appears to be static, and comes mounted in a sphere with a ring base, although we are currently uncertain if these part of the toy fair display.

I’m sure you are all as excited as we are to get more Ray and Mighty merchandise sometime in the near future – and that maybe this is a subtle hint that there are more Sonic Mania Adventures episodes on the way!

As always, stay tuned to TSS for more Sonic toys news as it comes!

Source: ToyShiz on Instagram

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  1. What a pleasant surprise! Is this the first time any Mighty and Ray merch (outside of Mania Plus tie-ins) have been produced? How interesting.

    I hope Jakks is somewhat like Jazwears and produces characters outside of the Core 6 (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Eggman) and they make figurines of less appreciated characters like Cream, Rouge, and the rest.

  2. Please, it is high time a complete toy series was made, I mean SONIC THE HEDGEHOG as a series has got so many characters (Modern, Classic, heroes, villains, robots, even humans or mythical beings like djinns, demons, monsters, and vehicules, animal friends, Chao, dopplegangers like Sinbad or Sir Gawain, Wisps and so on) and we always have to buy Sonic + Tails + Knuckles figures again and again!!…

  3. If Mighty and Ray appear in the Modern Sonic games, I bet they’ll be voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Max Mittelman respectively

  4. I want that mighty figure!
    Whats happening with sonics’ legs in the top right? Something drop off 😀

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