Sonic X Mega Man: Jun Senoue On His Contribution To Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Soundtrack

Back in July we reported on the Mega Man 4 medley created by Sonic Sound Director Jun Senoue that features in the Smash Bros. Ultimate soundtrack.

In a recent column on Sonic Channel, Senoue-san talks about how this unlikely collaboration came about…

According to the interview, Senoue-san was surprised when he met with the Smash Bros. Ultimate Team and was offered virtual free rein on choice of track he was allowed to re-arrange for the title.

“The first thing that popped into my mind – I’ve always relied on my instincts – and then said to them, I remember, was basically: ‘I want to try doing a Mega Man track.'”

The inspiration? Archie’s “World’s Collide” comic series, which saw an intersection of the two character’s universes.

The track stands along side 20 Sonic-themed songs that are included in the game, including the rearrangement of the Angel Island Zone theme which was originally created for Super Smash Bros. Brawl back in 2007.

Thanks to Corks and Nintendo Everything for translating the column, from which we have quoted.

The full translation can be read over on Nintendo Everything.


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  1. I was hoping he would say he just likes MM music so that’s why. But instead feels like fanservice to the Archie fans, which is nice.

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