Sonic Movie Design, Poster & Final Release Revealed!

Hot off the heels of the teaser shown to Brazillian audiences over the weekend, IGN has posted the first look at the Sonic Movie poster which in turn shows the title of the movie and the design for Sonic!

And here it is!

IGN have also provided some details regarding the plot and the decisions made for the design of Sonic.

The production team behind the movie opted to go for a more realistic take on Sonic — down to his updated new kicks — than the more cartoony version we’ve seen in the past. The filmmakers consider Ted to be an appropriate analog for the upcoming Sonic movieโ€™s integration of a CG character into a real-world setting.

In addition to this, the IGN also confirmed the release date for the movie.

Sonic The Hedgehog comes out in 2019, hitting theaters on November 8th in the US, November 28th in Australia and December 26th in the UK.

Just over or under a year depending on your part of the world.

IGN also has a lot more information on the movie, be sure to check out their article on the movie here.

We’ll update you with more as we get it.

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  1. Sonic ’06
    Sonic Boom
    Sonic the Movie

    Thanks for ruining Sonic for the 3rd time Sega…We need Sonic Mania 2 more than ever now :O

    1. Boom was fine, it was on model with tweeks to the design. shut up.
      this is completely different.

  2. I try to give every new iteration of Sonic a fair chance, but, man… This looks beyond creepy. Stocky/muscular arms and legs with accentuated elbows and kneecaps, tiny little hands and feet that are not even close to balancing out the enormous head… All things considered, there is little doubt in my mind that this is bound to look weird and horrifying, especially with the hinted new, smaller eyes (basing this off the information in the article and what little can be seen on the silhouette, so I might be wrong).

    Geez, I KNOW I’m more of a classic sonic nut, but I have yet to write off a new version of the character until now. I mean, all versions of Sonic (SatAM, AoStH, Underground, Sonic OVA, Sonic X, Classic, Adventure, Boom, etc. etc.) they’re all basically Sonic. It’s still him, even if the style chances slightly from time to time. And I’m kinda fine with that, even if I have my personal favorites.
    I mean… I’ve held out hope for the longest that Marza would make something that would looks alright โ€“ย or even good! โ€“ maybe even make the movie somewhat enjoyable despite everyone’s initial misgivings (cartoon characters in GCI-movies haven’t had a great track record to be frank). I mean, quite a few of us really enjoyed Sonic’s brief cameo in the Wreck it Ralph 2 trailer, so of course it could work.

    But, no. This looks bad. Worse than I could ever imagine. I never thought I would say something like this, but here goes: I hope it’s never released in my country because I just KNOW that I’ll be expected to “defend” this. And I just can’t. I won’t.

    1. Well i for one Lisa M. loathed his so called Cameo Appearance. (it’s not about you Sonic, stay out of the movies i watch annoying hedgehog!) but this makes the horrible cameo appearance look like a unintentional blunder

    2. I mean seriously Lisa M, who in their right mind would make a horrible abomination that’s worse than his so called cameo appearance in Ralph 2? (my opinion)

    3. I know what you mean but…

      –>OVA Sonic headbutting Metal
      –>Boom Sonic would shatter into a million pieces.

  3. I guess I should have seen this kind of design coming, given that anthromorphic characters in live action films have been given the more realistic look lately.

    But let’s face it, it could have been a lot worse.

  4. I really hate how I can see his eyeball coming out of his skull in the silhouette, how come it has to be like this? Why couldn’t they just let a japanese animation studio make one of these, like the OVA from the 90s? Why does SEGA insist on shooting themselves in the foot immediately after something good happens to them for once (Mania).

  5. God I’m feeling so agitated right now.

    This looks like the child of Sonic and Elise. We’re in the dark timeline, ladies!!!!

    Like I can deal with nightmare Mr. Mime, but I’m fucking terrified to learn what Sonic will look like.


    Do you think there will be a Sonic the movie the game?

  6. Considering how Sonic Team was “horrified” by Sonic Boom concept art I am interested in hearing how this got approved. However, I’m not going to panic until I see some actual footage.

  7. they said we were getting modern sonic so i expected CG modern sonic… what is that?
    thats scary – please take it back.

  8. Ooh ooh aah aah mankey sanyix
    But seriously, the head outline looks okay for me, you can even see one of his eyes, but the monkey body… NO.

  9. I can see how they got to this point, it’ll have gone something like this;
    Producer A ‘he’s blue isn’t he? we need this to be realistic and different to those awful Smurfs films, what do you think we should do?’
    Producer B ‘you said realistic? We could make him look like a roided up runner with thick fur so he looks like a furry glued into their costume’
    Producer A ‘ah that’ll do I guess, fancy a pint??’
    Sonic Team ‘what the f***๐Ÿ™Š’
    Sonuc Fans ‘Christ not again, its worse than the werehog ๐Ÿคฎ’

    1. okay i get what you’re saying to a degree… but he can definitely work in a realistic world…. it’s been portrayed on several occasions that the whole cast co-habit in a realistic world.. just have to have the right people executing that (obviously not the crew working on the movie). all of the American media that portrayed Sonic living on that “Mobius” bs wasn’t even canon… most of the games that tell a story, takes place in a world full of humans bud. From what i’ve noticed, only us AMERICANS have a hard time having him in a realistic world, hence the reason why these guys can’t accomplish what was already done back in 1998 with SA. We got to stop trying to retcon what’s already been established.. that’s why there’s so many potholes in the series

  10. I’m tired of justifying Sonic to my friends ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Zoophilia, Werehogs, tapes everywhere… But this is the worst hahaha! It’s not as if there weren’t good ideas to be executed. Weren’t there some people demanding Sonic Adventure 3? Why not that? Hahahaha

  11. They’re trying super hard to get us to forgive their past mistakes.

    Like “See!? The Sonic Boom design wasn’t that bad now was it?” and we’re just like “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO BACK TO THE SONIC BOOM DESIGN PLEASE!!!!!” XD

  12. I gotta say it could be worse hell how knows maybe the movie might be actually worth it but still even i think there’s something wrong with his design

  13. This horrible poster isn’t some kind of joke right? That one Sonic fan movie with the Nostalgia Critic in it had a far better design than this.

  14. SEGA please cancel or delay this and scrapped this horrible design (it should be CGI and Sony Animation should be doing this), better act quickly before fans getting raging trigger

  15. I hope that after this movie the sonic IP is going to be so cheap I would be able to buy it from Sega lol.

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