The Fanbase Can’t Handle Sonic Trying To Save Pikachu

Ladies and Gentlemen… Tragedy.

It takes many forms, it has been written in scripture and some of our finest works of literature. But now it takes the form of something new, Sonic trying and failing to save Pikachu, resulting in himself being vaporised.

And both the Sonic and Pokemon fanbase’s can’t take it.

An outpouring of grief has resulted in an explosion of creativity and funny jokes, not seen since the day that Sephiroth killed Aerith has such a combination of grief and jokes make its way into a fanbase.

So here are some that we’ve decided to highlight!

The Moment Of Sadness

Many decided to depict the moment that the beam struck Pikachu and Sonic’s failure to save him which resulted in his demise.

But What If…

Other’s decided to take another approach, what if Sonic succeeded?

The Jokes…

But some decided to have some fun with the event.

Didn’t This Happen Once Before?

Other fans noticed that these events looked very similar to other events in Sonic’s history, two in particular stood out…

Meanwhile… At the Sonic Twitter Account…

In Conclusion

Always try to save the electric mouse. Because it’s what good guys do.

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  1. I think what really needs to be admired here is how, with less than five seconds of footage, Smash Ultimate nailed Sonic’s personality and heroism far better than the entirety of Sonic Forces.

    And all it took was one hand reaching out.

  2. One thing to note is that in the World of Light trailer, Sonic is the ONLY one who tries to save someone else.

  3. This short bit of animation really touched my heart, Sonic has always had a rebellious attitude but at heart he’d put his own life at risk to protect innocent people and his freinds.

    This reminds me of the Sonic Riders intro where Storm makes Tails crash off his board and Sonic forgets about first place and spins round, offering his hand to Tails almost liek he did in SA1 emerald coast.

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