Sonic Forces Speed Battle Launches Season Six With Vampire Shadow

Continuing the spirit of the spooky season that SEGA Hardlight kicked off last week, the Sonic Forces Speed Battle mobile app has been updated with a brand new special event, a new stage and some gameplay adjustments.

First, a look at a brand new playable character. Last week, runners could work to unlock Witch Rouge – starting today, you can now complete special missions to unlock Vampire Shadow. As you can see in the stats above, he’s very nimble on the track which is countered by a middling strength count. You’re going to need your wits about you when using this character.

As with Witch Rouge, you can only unlock Vampire Shadow between now and 6 November, by collecting special character cards obtained by completing missions. Let’s hope that Hardlight makes Vampire Shadow a little easier to get; with Witch Rouge, the winnings from missions was paltry and the only real way of unlocking the character was to essentially play the game non-stop (and spend real money on Red Star Rings to unlock event missions ahead of their time limit). It was a bit of a mess. If not, then hopefully we will get a chance to unlock these characters in similar events in the future.

With the advent of Season Six, a new track has been revealed as well. Glowing Grotto is a new twist on the Mystic Jungle stage and will unlock for players on Tier 8 and above. A list of gameplay changes starting today can also be found below, taken verbatim from Hardlight’s update notes…

  • Drac-O’-Lantern has had a speed boost
  • Zazz has been given a slight acceleration increase and his Star Dropper has been buffed
  • Some of the Zap has been taken out of Shadow’s Storm Cloud
  • Chaos’ Ice Wave has been thawed a little
  • Bashosen has been slightly pruned
  • Further changes to Bashosen are coming soon!
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