F4F Opens Pre-Orders For Sonic Vs Chopper Statue

Video game and pop culture statue creators First4Figures have teamed up with GTN TOYZ to create the Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Vs Chopper Statue, with pre-orders opening this weekend.

You can check out what the 11-inch tall finished product will look like in the video below, and the gallery which includes turn-arounds of the statue.

In a post from F4F:

F4F Partnerships is proud to introduce GNF TOYZ’s first ever Polystone statue – Sonic The Hedgehog vs Chopper Diorama Statue.

Inspired by the Sonic Generations video game and set in a iconic section of the Green Hill Zone. The Green Hill Zone is a lush, grassy stage full of environmental features such as palm trees, vertical loops, and cliffs.

Sonic is seen jumping in the air catching the gold ring whilst Chopper one of Dr Eggman’s Badnik models leaps out of the water, breaking the bridge to stop Sonic.

You can pre-order the statue at the First4Figures website for the sum of $384.99, with multiple payment plans available to those who don’t want to pay in one go. The pre-order window will remain open until the 19th of October 2018, and are not currently open to customers in Asia.

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  1. You know…. that’s a really nice piece. A really intricate, colourful statuette with a neat premise. I approve of the design.

    But I’m also going to be “that guy”, and say that I wouldn’t spend ONE-THIRD of that price on an 11-inch collectible. I know that collectors are easy prey (because I am one), but I have my limits, too. Some people don’t care, and they think FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS is worth a statuette someone will look at once and go “Oh neat, Sonic. That’s neat.”

    It’s not $400-neat. It’s $80-neat. And if you think about it, you’re really only paying for the concept of it being “polystone”. If they had just made this out of resin, or vinyl, they could have made a more durable product, kept the price $50 to $70, and it would have looked nearly the the same.

    But they also love that sweet, sweet money.

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