Silver, Blaze and Vector Are All Coming to Team Sonic Racing

SEGA revealed three new characters to the roster of Team Sonic Racing – and to anyone who’s a fan of the last fifteen years of Sonic games, this is going to be very good news. Sonic 2006’s Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush’s Blaze the Cat and the Sonic Heroes’ reboot of Vector the Crocodile will all be speeding their way to your hearts.

The news was handed out by SEGA’s official Sonic Twitter account just an hour or so ago, so the details are still coming in hot on how they will play and potentially work together (the fact that all three are announced together implies that they form their own collaborative team in the game, but it’s not altogether confirmed). No doubt these guys will be playable at next week’s Gamescom show, at which TSS will be present, so we will be able to give you the full skinny on it while on the ground. Keep an eye on us for further info!

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    1. I’d be happy to see all the left-over characters in the same boat, and have it as a playable racer.

  1. Absolutely stoked that Silver and Blaze are a team once again, but I gotta be honest, Vector’s placement seems really random. Like, shouldn’t he be reserved for a Chaotix team instead? This kind of suggests that Charmy and Espio might not be featured, which could also add validity to Cream not being featured either, thus why the third slot of Team Rose is taken up by Chao. The only way I could see this working out is if they revealed some kind of “Build Your Own Team” feature where you could mix and match any three characters together into a team, as well as having regular DLC characters to throw in there to be adopted into any team of your choice. So essentially they could always add in Charmy, Espio, and Cream along with anyone else later so you could make your own Team Chaotix, Team Rose (proper), etc. At least, that would be the SMART way to do it…

    1. Pretty sure they already confirmed that you can build your own team and race individually as well

  2. Kind of makes sense because in Forces, there was no actual mention of the Chaotix. They all appeared, but there was no suggestion those three were a team, so this is fine by me. Although personally I would have preferred Espio, Charmy and Vector in a team. Maybe bring back Marine and stick her in with Silver and Blaze? Or Sticks? Either way, I’m actually looking forward to this game. It’s done a lot of things right so far.

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