Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2018 Trailer Released

The annual Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) is set to make its return this year on August 25th, with a jam-packed lineup including Sonic Z-Treme, Sonic the Hedgehog PC and Sonic Advance Revamped among many other titles you can check out in their launch trailer above.

The event is still accepting submissions to be featured at the event all the way up until August 18th – details on how to submit your fan game can be found here.

You can find further details on the event in general over at Sonic Retro.

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Adam Tuff

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  1. That Sonic the Hedgehog PC gave me feel good flashbacks from seeing the original game advertised. A number of bumper engine games in there and 3D platformers in general, looking forward to how they approach gameplay for Sonic.

    Advance revamped seems interesting but I’m sorely missing Sonic Utopia right now. Really want to know to what extent they improved the overall experience of the game since that’s the one everyone was excited about last time.

  2. This selection is looking amazing. I have no doubt that Green Hill Paradise Act 2 and Sonic Utopia influenced the surge of 3D fan engines. Can’t wait.

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