Sonic confirmed for another round in Smash Bros Switch UPDATE: With Knuckles!

Nintendo’s E3 direct contained some good news for Sonic fans: Sonic will be returning in the latest entry in the Smash Bros series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

While Sonic’s movement and attacks appear to be largely unchanged, his final Smash has been altered. When Sonic goes super he will now automatically dash across the screen several times, damaging and/or knocking out anyone he hits.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be releasing for Nintendo Switch on December 7.

UPDATE: It’s also been confirmed through Sonic’s Smash Bros video that Knuckles will be in the game. The context of the video doesn’t make it explicitly clear what his role is in the game, but it seems like that he will be an assist trophy. Shadow filled a similar role in previous Smash Bros games.

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  1. Sonic is what got me into smash,so I’m glad he and the other third party characters still get to hang around…and geez hats off to Sakurai and Nintendo every playable character in a smash game is included…that’s crazy.and there’s still going to be newcomers…get lit !

  2. Not only that, but it looks like Knuckles has replaced Shadow as an Assist Trophy

  3. im hoping for remixes but if the olympic games dont even bother outside of dream events than the chances of getting them in his 3rd Smash appearance are unlikely

  4. Having either Shadow, Knuckles or Metal Sonic playable would be a dream come true. Fingers crossed.

  5. So knuckles and Bomberman are assist trophies 🙁 atleast there in it, do wish they were playable.

  6. I may have a hunch that they’re making Shadow an echo fighter in the same vain as Lucina, Dark Pit and Daisy

  7. They took out the skill of actually controlling quite a lot of characters final smash moves… looks hella boring now. Press one button to win. Fun.

    1. Final Smashes aren’t used in most competitive matches, and a lot of the updated ones look avoidable.
      Except Sonic’s, his looks broken as all hell.

      1. They’re pretty much trying to make Final Smash viable for the Competitive Scene, which I don’t mind.

        Turns out the Super Sonic can be avoidable. I saw one gameplay between Sonic and Bayonetta, she stayed below completely to avoid Super Sonic. So my guess is that Super Sonic is a more viable Final Smash in 3 or more player matches.

  8. If Knux is gonna be an assist trophy, does that mean Shadow will inevitably make it in as an Echo Character to Sonic? Since he is a faker, it’s best to substitute the Forward Spin Dash with Chaos Spear, and Chaos Blast can be his Final Smash, as Super Shadow.

  9. I dunno if it’s the same for all videos, but comments are disabled on the vid. Me oh my~ Would be a shame if Shadow were no longer in the game at all, would make it a little less Ultimate, though I don’t know how I’d feel if he were an actual character. Time will tell I suppose. December’s only 6 months away, a lot can happen!

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