CRUSH 40 performed their new Sonic song live, and we got video

CRUSH 40 performed Team Sonic Racing’s Green Light Ride at the Sonic X PUMA Launch Party last night and we got it all on video. Green Light Ride is the band’s first new Sonic song in roughly nine years, and this was its first live performance.

Check it out below:

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  1. Although I love crush 40 the lead singer isn’t sounding so energetic as his past songs, I think he can’t hit those high pitch tones like he use to do. It might be time for him to pass the torch to someone else younger and with a similar voice.

    1. He just sang for who knows how long. Of course he’s not sounding energetic by the end of the concert. People are always using these concert clips to make their judgements. Like when he had a really bad cold, but performed anyway so as to not disappoint fans. But then on YouTube fans are all like “Ew; he’s too old to sing well now. Replace him!”…

  2. I’ve yet to watch the video, but having saw him live in Hardline in the UK two weeks ago, I think his voice is as strong as ever. To be honest, I don’t know how he does it, touring with 3 bands! This year alone he’s already done an album with Axel Rudi Pell with 2 more coming in the next few months (solo and a duet with Deen Castronovo).

    Crush 40 without Johnny is not Crush 40. The same obviously applies with Jun.

  3. I kind of agree with you. I like the somewhat unique tone of Johnny’s voice and loved many of his past performances, but he evidently struggles with some of those notes, something I noticed when I saw him live at Summer of Sonic 2018 and could hear in Team Sonic Racing’s E3 trailer. While I don’t really want to see him go nor Crush 40 as a whole, maybe we won’t have a choice but to move on in future.

    Of course, I don’t like leaving negative vibes so I will say the overall quality of the track is pretty good, Jun’s effortless guitar work, suitably cheesy lyrics and a nice friendly atmosphere much like some of Adventure/Heroes OST. Looking forward to what else we will hear from them.

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