Sonic Mania Plus CD Soundtrack Packaged with Japanese Release

If you’ve always wanted to blast the Sonic Mania Soundtrack from your car stereo, you’re going to want to look into investing in the Japanese release of Sonic Mania Plus, which along with all of the perks of the western release will be packaged with a double CD album!

The Japanese Sonic Mania website details the full 54 track double CD, which not only includes all of the songs that appeared on the Data Discs’ Sonic Mania album release (which contained all of the original tracks in the game and will be back in stock for the launch of Plus), it also holds all of the “re-imagined” classic stage songs [EDIT: Nearly all!]. If that wasn’t enough,there are four Sonic Mania Plus bonus tracks included, along side all three Hyper Potions tracks constituting Friends and both versions of Time Trails including the version with Crush 40’s Jun Senoue on guitar.

While most will be pleased that the game is seeing an OST release on CD, it is not packaged with the western releases of Sonic Mania Plus. The special edition is available from Amazon Japan for about the same price as the western releases, however buyers will likely have to play extra for shipping and import fees in order to get their mittens on a copy. If you’re feeling even more flush, Ebten Japan are offering another edition which includes a limited edition T-Shirt, canvas purse and art cards, but these extras will set you back more than ¥8000.

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  1. It still sucks that Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Oil Ocean, the ending cutscene music when you defeat the final boss, and the the music of the Knuckles Chaotix theme when you beat the story with Knuckles with you are still missing. Come on SEGA, if you are going to make a full OST of Mania or Mania Plus, it needs to have every song from the game.

    1. There may be rights issues preventing it e.g. Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Oil Ocean may still be owned by Dreams Come True, and Sega’s not willing to pay the royalties.

  2. going to look in to maybe trying to get one of those super sweet Ebten japan editions, but will need to do some research on costings etc, great value though for what you get in my opinion.

    If that looks like its going to work out at too much though will definately get a hold of the Amazon edition, I have the Data Discs vinyl but will be great to get a more complete soundtrack with the Hyper Potions tracks too!

    Was originally going to buy both the Switch and PS4 PAL copies but now going to get a UK PS4 copy for that sweet Megadrive reversable sleeve and a Japanese version on Switch I think!

  3. I wonder if it contains the Sonic 1 and 2 reimagined music which wasn’t in the itunes release? If so I wish they would release it seperately from the game.

    1. Edit:

      Just checked the Japanese Mania website link and it doesn’t look like the Sonic 1 and 2 music will be in it which is a shame.

  4. Eh, this isn’t unusual. Incentives in foreign releases aimed at markets otherwise uninterested in a brand is typical of game companies. Happened with Assassin’s Creed all the time. I get why they do it. The West doesn’t need much incentive to buy this title, but Japan couldn’t give an oily turd about Sonic these days.

  5. Hang the hell on, you’re going to put a 17-second theme (Angel Island Cutscene) that cuts off harshly on a CD and call it a track? That’s pathetic. At least let Tee actually finish it…

    1. I can’t be sure yet, but I believe the Plus version of Angel Island *will* be a full-length piece.

  6. If the listings on and CD Japan are anything to go by, the Xbox One isn’t getting a physical release of Sonic Mania Plus in Japan. I find this and the lack of a physical pc edition VERY frustrating.

    1. The Xbox brand has never done well in Japan, so it may simply be a case that there’s just not enough Xboxen in Japan to make it worth it.

  7. Okay look, I get that people keep explaining away the omission of the Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Oil Ocean remixes because the guy from Dreams Come True owns the rights to them and they would have to pay him royalties or something if they were to feature them in the sold OST. But that brings up a significant question: Why didn’t that stop them from featuring Green Hill and Chemical Plant’s (along with Casino Night’s) remixes in the Generations OST? If this really is the reason we’re supposed to accept, then what changed between 2011 and 2017 to prevent them from doing the same as they did before and just pay the guy what he’s owed? In fact why didn’t that stop them from making and selling that 3 disc Sonic 1 & 2 OST years ago? It just doesn’t make sense, what had to change in order to make something like this an issue when it wasn’t even an issue before?

    1. Maybe something has changed or maybe they just don’t want to pay the royalties for another music release.

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