IDW Sonic Comics #1 – #4 First Prints Sold Out, Special Collector’s Box Set Incoming

It looks like the demand for the rebooted Sonic the Hedgehog comics has been massive, as IDW proudly announced that Issue #4 of its new series has now sold out of its first print to comic retailers. That marks a home-run for its weekly April launch event, with every single Issue hitting the same milestone.

To celebrate, IDW revealed that second prints of Issue #4 will be coming on May 30 (with a brand new cover featuring new character Tangle the Lemur), while a special collector’s box set of Issues 1-4 will be coming in June. The latter will feature five rare variant covers, including a sketch version of Issue 1 alongside ‘virgin cover variants’ of Tyson Hesse’s covers from Issues 1-4. Each of the Hesse covers connect to reveal a larger image, which is half the reason you get these particular variants.

While Sonic Issue #4 followed in the footsteps of Sonic #3 and #2 to sell out of its initial print run, it’s the coveted Issue #1 that remains IDW’s most popular Sonic comic, with both its first and second print runs all sold out. Whether a third will be coming isn’t yet clear.

Associate Editor for the series at IDW, David Mariotte, said in a press release; “It is incredibly satisfying to launch a title with four issues in a single month and to have all four issues sell out. It speaks to the talents of our creators who introduced a new version of Sonic’s story that’s already resonating with people, but it also speaks very highly of the fans who chose to embrace Sonic, Tangle, and all the gang so whole-heartedly.”

What a great achievement for IDW and SEGA. Are you enjoying the comics so far? Let us know in the comments section below!

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