UPDATED: Sonic Mania Adventures Animated Short Series announced

Live from SXSW, SEGA has revealed a new series of Sonic Mania-themed animated shorts. The series will comprise 5 episodes which will be shown on YouTube, created by the same team that created the Sonic Mania opening short, headed by the one-and-only Tyson Hesse, and soundtracked by Mania composer Tee Lopes.

The short series will take place after Sonic Forces, and will cover what happened to classic Sonic after he returned to his world after the events of Sonic Forces.

The first episode of Sonic Mania Adventures will debut in the next 30 days.

UPDATE: The Sonic the Hedgehog Youtube has released a 30 second sample of the series:

Check out the array of concept art for the series shown at SXSW in the gallery below!


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  1. A new animated series which is a story addition to the games?!…
    I’ve dreamt about it for years and years!!…
    THANK YOU!!…
    And I guess Ray and Mighty will probably be in it!!…
    And maybe the end of the series will guide us to SONIC MANIA 2…

  2. Only 5 episodes, which is a shame, but maybe, if it’s popular enough, it’ll lead to a fully-fledged long-form 26-episode series?

    Hope springs eternal 🙂

  3. Cool, but why taint this awesome style of animation by adding a sonic forces link to it? Just make it its own thing. Forces was baaaaaaaad. All the good Mania did last year to make Sonic something enjoyable again just got undone with forces and found myself put off Sonic yet again.
    Can’t see how this is any good for the animation at all.

    1. Regardless of fan opinions of Sonic Forces. Theirs no way around it when it comes to continuity, story consistency and to avoid unneeded questions. Sonic Generations has the timeline issue of where it is placed in the Classic series. So It’s best to reveal that Sonic did return to Angel Island and for him to be real than just say that Classic Sonic was an Phantom Ruby illusion.

    2. It’s one pose in one scene in one episode, and it’s gone almost as soon as you notice it. Hardly a major impact.

      Also, a note to the site maintainers: I had to break out the debug tools to get this form working. Wanna fix it maybe?

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