GaMetal Unleashes a Double Whammy of Sonic Boss Theme Covers

Among the bevy of VGM cover artists I follow on the web, one standout artist in particular shines with his rock/metal arrangements of classic gaming themes in the form of “GaMetal.”

Week by week, Jonny Atma wows the scene with all sorts of fantastic VGM covers featuring his trademark solos, covering nearly every song under the sun from the popular to the obscure, and fan-favourites from the Sonic series is no exception. While he has covered a handful of tracks from the franchise in the past, Atma wrapped up the month of February with not just one, but two remixes of some of the best boss tracks Sonic the Hedgehog has to offer.

First one comes right from Tee Lopes’ score for Sonic Mania. As the Phantom Ruby blasts Sonic, Eggman, and the transformed Heavy King into a void cut off from space-time, the three-way brawl for the virtual reality gem and the fate of the world unfurls in this Super Sonic showdown! Check out Atma’s glorious take on Egg Reverie Zone:

Now… time for a change of pace with one of Eggman’s most terrifying mechanical monstrosities, the Egg Dragoon! Oh, and don’t worry, this isn’t the one that lost 10% of its combat strength.

Jam to Atma’s GaMetal remix for one of Unleashed and Generations’ most memorable bosses below:

If you wish to support or follow Jonny Atma in any way outside of his main YouTube channel, you can check out the following links:

Did Atma do right by Tee Lopes and Hideaki Kobayashi? Which other GaMetal track did you enjoy, and which song do you hope to see Atma cover next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Hey, that cover of the Egg Dragoon was more of a remix than the Generations version of. Odd how, in a soundtrack full of great remixes, all that tune had was its backing track removed.

    “But what about the Sonic Forces remix?”

    What about it? I’ve heard better music bashing my head against a midi keyboard.

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