Toy Maker Zappies Claim New Sonic Racing Game for 2018

Over in Nuremberg, the annual Spielwarenmesse toy fair is underway and as usual the toy makers are showing off their new toys for release later this year. Well, one such toy maker has just added fuel to a fire which had been virtually extinguished earlier this week.

Zappies who were responsible for a number of All Stars Racing Transformed toys way back when the game was first release were at the convention and have allegedly told that there is a third Sonic racing game on the way!

Whilst there is no outright proof of such a game, what strongly supports it is that their booth is full of the original ASRT toys which went out of production years ago. They claim these are here as placeholders in a bid to give some retailers an idea as to what the new game and toys will look like.

This comes less than a week after a document from Sumo Digital was leaked which suggested a new ‘Kart Racer’ from a ‘Global IP’ was in development, and just days after Aaron Webber claimed that it wasn’t happening.

Keep checking TSS, hopefully we can get all this resolved very soon!


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  1. That’s awesome! 🙂

    I was always a fan of Sonic and Sega’s racing games, so I hope the rumor turns out to be true!

    (On another note, I just wanted to apologize for linking a TSSZ analysis article last December. I didn’t know that the website was … somewhat shadowy and tabloid-ish. I wasn’t aware of it’s dark origins and rumors either.

    Still, that’s no excuse for what I did. So again, I would like to offer my apologies.)

  2. i hope so – i love Transformed, it’s an amazing racing game and whatever Sumo follow up with will probably be gold.

  3. It’s me again. I’ve been debating on mentioning this for awhile now, but since it appears to be let out of the bag, why not. A new SONIC kart racer is in development. Last I heard it was slated for the first quarter of 2018, but it’s looking to most likely be a holiday release. However, if my emphasis on Sonic wasn’t clear enough– no Sega characters will be joining the fun, this time around.

    1. Larry, man, I love you. When you posted information about Forces a year before game release, all people thought that it’s just a fake. But it was so true! It was just so funny.
      I hope you’ll continue to uncover information about Sonic games =)

  4. Call me crazy, but I have a theory what I think this game MIGHT be… a Sonic Boom game. Now remember, the key word is might.

    Think about it for a moment. When the writing team showed us a screenshot of the episode “If You Build It, They Will Race”, some of us (not all mind you) thought it was a cut scene from another Boom game. For all we know, someone at Sumo Digital might have watched that episode and said “Hey guys! I’ve just thought of an idea for our next game!”

    But again, this is all speculation on my part. If this new game turns out to be a 3rd SEGA All-Stars racing game after all and Aaron Webber was telling porkies, then that’s fine by me. If it’s something new entirely, all I’m gonna say is I hope it’s better than the Sonic Riders series. But if by some God given miracle it is a Sonic Boom racing game, I for one will be over the moon with joy.

    One last thing. Last year I wrote a journal on my deviantART account talking about ideas of a Sonic Boom racing game. If anyone is interested, you can give it a read.

    1. a Boom Racer would be pretty cool – it’s got an identifiable cast of background charcaters to fill in the slots as well as the leads (team sonic and eggman) and specials (shadow, metal, vector).
      my only issue would be the location of Bygone Island, it’s pretty tropical.

  5. I saw Aaron Webber say on Twitter it was fake. I have a screenshot but not a link to that tweet. Not that the screenshot would do any good here.

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