Sonic The Hedgehog Movie To Hit Cinemas In November 2019

The Hollywood reporter has just announced that the long-anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog movie is pegged for a release on November the 15th, 2019.The film, set to mix CGI with live action, is currently listed with Deadpool director Tim Miller in the executive producer’s chair, with Jeff Fowler taking the director’s helm.

At this stage there are few details on the movie itself, but as always – TSS will keep you up-to-date as information comes!

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  1. I’m guessing the film will have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Dr. Eggman as the only game characters featured.

    1. I’d like to see the newer faces too, like Shadow or Silver or Blaze. If they have someone from Deadpool, how about a movie spin-off of Sonic Forces?

      1. They said they are planning to make this a film series. So perhaps the second movie would have Metal Sonic and Shadow.

        1. possibly – Sega wouldnt leave their big guns out, they know Metal and Shadow get peoples attention.

  2. I probably won’t even see it until it’s released commercially, but if it’s good – and other than the Sonic factor, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be – it could be a very good thing for the series

  3. While positivity and hope is good, let’s be realistic here: there have been many movies based on game franchises, and only a meagre few have actually been any good. Team that with a franchise that’s suffering from at least 15 years of mismanagement, and it doesn’t paint a very promising picture. Realistically, we’re probably looking at a mediocre movie at best.

  4. This is a good release date for it. Winter time has seen a bevy of films make huge bucks and if there’s no competition it’ll make a good chunck of cash. Plus summer 2019 movie season is a crowded slate so having it literally a few weeks after Bond 25 and a few weeks before Frozen 2 and a month before Star Wars is good

  5. Sounds good. With a new Director and a recognised executive, this could be a somewhat successful film. It probably won’t do well critically because it’s a video game film but I’m sure commercially it will do fine. Besides, Tim being the head of Blur and all has experience with semi-realistic Sonic, since Blur worked on Shadow and 06’s CGI cutscenes. If he’s got any creative hand in this project, I think this will be appreciated by fans a the very least.

  6. I want to be excited, but considering how they’re supposed to start shooting this summer, that leaves them about a year and a half to actually film, edit, and finalize this film, not to mention all the CG work that has to be thrown in. Unless they have a method to stay on top of everything that doesn’t result in rushing it and cutting corners, I’m a little concerned for what the overall quality might be. I mean, I’d be fine if it at least turns out “okay”, at this stage for Sonic anything that’s “okay” is a success, but in the world of video game movies, we need more “greats” than “okays”, so I’d much prefer this movie to be “great”. If by some miracle Paramount can pull that off, well I’m definitely going to pay for more TMNT and Transfomers movies if they succeed, they would’ve earned it at that point.

    1. This has been in development for years. I’m sure they have a pretty good plan in place.

      I’m hoping for a fun, popcorn action movie. That’s all this can possibly be. Presumably it will follow the ‘Sonic has come to Earth’ Adventure concept.

      A year and a half+ after all this development time is blatantly ample time.

  7. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie went down the route of the Sonic Twitter by having Sonic aware of the series’ history and current reception.

    It would actually justify the use of the cg-live action hybrid format and could actually be a more compelling story than if they were to adapt one of the games (which is often the downfall of a video game movie) it would also be along the same vein as Tim Miller’s work on Deadpool.

  8. Still excited about this movie and I really hope they manage to do something that is st least just good, it would be nice if they made the story take place in the current canon and after the events of Forces, that way thet don’t have to introduce every single character for the first time.

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