Diamond Select Toys Throws Hat Into Sonic Toy Market

Diamond Select Toys have been responsible for some very well done toy lines based on pre-existing licensed products such as Ghostbusters and Marvel. Well with New York Toy Fair just a few days away they have just announced that they will be making a new line of Sonic toys.

The first products will be on display at the International Toy Fair in New York City, with a focus on the core Sonic characters — the speedy hedgehog Sonic, the energetic Amy, Tails the two-tailed flying fox, Knuckles the powerful Echidna, Shadow the anti-hero hedgehog, Metal Sonic the evil robot hedgehog, and the mustachioed mastermind Dr. Eggman. Product categories include Gallery PVC dioramas, Minimates block figures, Vinimates vinyl figures and PVC mini-figures with collect-and-connect racetracks.

I’ll let you guys decide if you want to add that racetracks bit to the racer game rumour pile.

The company goes on to say

“It’s an honor and a challenge to develop products based a world with such a long history and distinctive style,” said Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira. “The Sonic Universe has so many possibilities that we are excited to explore – in our established categories, like Vinimates, Minimates and Gallery PVCs, but also the PVC mini-figure category, which we are diving into for the first time!”

So we have, diorama style figures, miniture block figures, mini figures and racer figures!

The toys are due for release around Christmas 2018, but they will apparently be on display at the New York Toy Fair which is next week.

We’ll update you as soon as we get more information.

Source: Diamond Select Toys

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    1. they’re still around but they make collector based things for a high price, chances are these will all be retail things you can go out and buy casually.

  1. I am kind of glad to hear Amy mentioned on there. She is usually an afterthought when compared to most characters. Even Silver for something like First 4 Figures. Kind of hope she polls well on First 4 Figures’ Poll on Facebook to get First 4 Figures to consider her on there as well.

    A little bit disappointed though since it will be until the holiday period for these products or that Tomy one for Amy. I guess it’s good thing since it gives time to save money. A little curious on what they have planned for this one.

  2. Honestly don’t know why they’ve never made diaorama style stuff before. What makes Sonic great isn’t just the characters, but the levels as well.
    Now if they could get the inevitabe GHZ one out of the way will be interesting to see what zones they go with.

    1. True enough, but Green Hill looks beautiful regardless of how sick we all are of seeing it. So I would be disappointed if we didn’t get it. Sky Sanctuary is probably a home banker, and Chemical Plant seems to be everywhere. Exciting

      1. Chemical Plant has a very distinct look to it, and it holds a special place in my heart. I’d take Chemical Plant over Green Hill any day, a million times over.

  3. Well, adding Shadow in there is good news…. means they’ll do more modern stuff.

    The Gallery-PVC’s caught my eye. Minimates and vinimates are trash, but the PVC stuff has these guys on my radar.

    We’ll see what happens. My cynicism is telling me to not expect much….but we’ll see what happens.

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