Super Sonic DLC to Remain Free for Sonic Forces Forever

Crisis averted!

Last month, the long-awaited inclusion of Super Sonic had finally come to pass for Sonic Forces, but there was a nasty catch: the Chaos Emerald-powered hedgehog would have only remained free for a limited time.

The plan was for Super Sonic to be free only for a month—from its official release right before Christmas up until yesterday—before a $1.99 USD paywall would pop up for the series staple transformation beyond that point, punishing late Sonic Forces adopters. The time had finally come, but no changes appear to have been made to the pricing.

Thankfully there’s a good reason for that. After going over widespread community feedback, SEGA have changed their stance on the matter, and so the Super Sonic DLC will remain a free download indefinitely!

The announcement follows today’s full solicitation reveals for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog comics from IDW Publishing.

Are you relieved with this latest development over the Super Sonic DLC? Have you been playing Forces much since launch? Be sure to leave a comment with us below with your thoughts.

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  1. Wow. Sega actually learned their lesson about DLC. That’s more than other companies that shall remain nameless.

    On the subject, I actually did a second playthrough of Forces last week. Played the whole game in one sitting. And it actually felt a little better the second time around. Though it still didn’t fix some of the overall problems the game had.

  2. Glad Sega came to their senses. Or maybe the games sales were so bad, they figured no one would want to buy it anyways?

  3. I know it won’t soften the blow of disappointment for a lot of people, but in a money focused society, this helps a little bit I guess.

    Anyone else feel it’s going to be a long year?

    1. January passed act 1, 2, and 3 quickly. So I think this year will go by like a sonic 06 speed run.

  4. It shouldn’t have been DLC in the first place, given all the content was already on the disc.

    1. >It shouldn’t have been DLC in the first place, given all the content was already on the disc.

      I’m pretty sure that’s true for DLC like 90% of the time lol. At least they’re letting you have it for free!

      1. Just because it’s free, doesn’t excuse the choice to make it DLC.

        If you finish it early enough to put it on the game disc, don’t make it DLC.

  5. Doesn’t change the fact that it should have been included in the game from the very beginning. But whatever, it’s a start on the long long LONG road of learning Sonic Team and SEGA need to travel.

  6. It’s funny because like a lot of people I was so disappointed when I first played the game, but then after deleting the file and playing again I realized it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. It’s not the best game going but for people who weren’t part of the hype and have no expectation, it is really enjoyable. The problem is with the Sonic fanbase, we we’re promised gold and ended up with a pebble lol. Still nice in it’s own way but not what we wanted.

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