First4Figures Tease Modern Metal Sonic Statue

Despite reports that F4F were looking to cancel their Sonic line, it seems there might be one last gasp effort to bring life to it once more.

In a Facebook post discovered only just now, First4Figures recently asked members of their collectors club to vote on designs for a new Modern Metal Sonic Statue.

Based on the image, there are two design concepts being considered, however the poll also has options for ‘not interested in Metal Sonic’ which is currently the second most rated option!

Why did it take so long for people to notice? Might have something to do with the post going live on Christmas Day, when we’re all eating turkey and opening gifts.

Source: Facebook (need to be a member to vote and view).

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  1. Looks decent. It’s a good sign….because I’m really itching for a modern Knuckles statue. Like REALLY bad.

  2. I would have prefered a figure of Rouge the Bat, Mephiles the Dark, Blaze the Cat, Modern Knuckles the Echidna or Infinite for example, but I’m sure to buy it anyway!!…

    1. These manufacturers really don’t like breaking away from Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Robotnik, Shadow, Metal Sonic, and Silver. There’s no respect for the female cast at all. Hell, even getting MODERN versions of characters like Knuckles and Tails is tough. This is turning out the exact same as being a Dragon Ball collector. Loooots of Goku….lots of Vegeta….Trunks…Gohan….and anything else is a crap-shoot.

  3. Currently only 273 votes of the necessary 500, hope this (and future sonic statues) will make it.

    Join the group and vote if you want this statue to be real. 🙂

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