The SEGA Shop is open for business

Today, months after the closure of, SEGA has launched its successor: the SEGA Shop. As the name implies this shop is for more than just Sonic, featuring merchandise from both Golden Axe and Shinobi franchises as well as the SEGA Genesis console. So if you’ve ever wanted a or a bar of soap shaped like a SEGA Genesis controller, you can buy it. The store is also launching with some exclusive Sonic merchandise, including a Sonic Forces shirt, pictured below:

The store is currently only open in the Americas, New Zealand and Australia.

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  1. ….Why so specifically Golden Axe and Shinobi, tough?
    I thought those were just random examples, but the store really has nothing but Sonic, Genesis, Golden Axe and Shinobi.
    No Ristar mugs? No NiGHTS soap? No Skies of Arcadia posters?
    Or more important, why specificaly Golden Axe and Shinobi that aren’t super relevant brands at the moment, as opposed to the way more active Yakuza or Valkyrie Chronicles IP’s?
    This store is really confusing and random.

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