Sonic the Hedgehog Movie To Be Developed by Paramount Pictures

After several months of silence, it has been announced that the long-anticipated Hollywood Sonic the Hedgehog movie will be produced by Paramount Pictures, moving from previous producer Sony Pictures.

Despite the move, many of the staff at Sony who were with the project are sticking with it still. Neal M. Moritz, Tim Miller and Toby Ascher are executive producing, Jeff Fowler is in the director’s seat (making this his directorial debut) and Dmitri Johnson and Dan Jevons are acting as co-producers. It’s still set to be a blend of live action and CG animation.

As of writing, it is unknown whether the movie will still make its current 2019 release date or be pushed back to a later date. We will update you on more movie news as it comes to light.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I can see this just not happening and being completely cancelled then, in 5-10yrs+ we will see all the early concepts of what might of been.

    Good times.

    1. I agree. Sony isn’t the right choice to distribute the film at this point because the company is becoming a joke with bad film after bad film and I think the guys at Sega was worried that these films might effect the reputation of the Sonic film. It was a good idea to change the distributor, I wanted the distributor to be Universal Pictures, but Paramount’s OK.

  2. Thank….God. Not only is Sony not here to butcher the project anymore, but they didn’t go to a Comcast company either.
    Dear diary…today was a good day

  3. Still live action x cgi; still not intetested.
    Sonic will not work unless it’s fully cgi or animated. Look at all the other hybrid abominations before it.

  4. Oh, it’s STILL CG + live action huh? Sigh, well maybe it can still work, as long as the right people are working on it and it’s handled properly. Hopefully this is the change that will actually get it off the ground and soaring instead of being another tier of development-hell.

  5. For some reason, I’m glad it won’t be like the Ratchet & Clank Movie, but I think it might work out.

  6. I still hope this film gets pushed farther.
    Maybe 2021.
    Gives more time to make a good success.
    And I hope they come to their senses under the new ownership to drop the hybrid live action stuff.
    Animated characters with inhuman proportions would always look best as CG beings in a CG world

  7. I pray to god Sonic doesn’t spend 70% bonding with some live-action child protagonist, who ends up being the designated protagonist (because Sonic is so perfect and has little wants in life). In fact:

    Sonic X – Chris Thorndyke
    Sonic 2006 – Princess Elise.

    The last thing this film needs are repeats of these (and P&G-style writing).

  8. Nice to have Tim Miller on board, I like Deadpool but some of my favourite kinetic cutscene moments in sonic games were a result of blur studios work, I.e all full cg cutscenes in shadow the hedgehog and 06. Kind of worried about the live action element but it may not be set in stone yet. If so just don’t make people the story’s focus and it should be fine. While I’m relieved Sony doesn’t have a full hand in this, I wish their vfx division (imageworks) were on board. Their work with character animation and environments in the Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man films as well as the fast moving mimics in Edge of tomorrow are some stellar examples. Would have liked to have seen their take on the blue blur.

  9. I hope Roger Craig doesn’t play sonic, any other voice actor before him would be fine. Roger’s sonic sounds like he’s 21yrs old, not 16teen.

    1. their likely to have a famous actor provide the voice like most movie adaptions do.
      and expect a famous guy to play Eggman too. I for one would like Kelsey grammar as Dr Eggman.

      Jaleel white might end up voicing Sonic seeing as Jaleel is actually known to people and cause he did Sonic in the old cartoons, abit like Peter Cullen in Transformers as Prime.

      sadly voice actors aren’t considered “real” actors to companies unless their famous and been seen on screen. Billy west (voice of fry in futurama and Bugs bunny in Space Jam) confirmed this when the voice actors at the premiere of Space Jam weren’t allowed to see the film with the on screen actors cause their not considered actors.

      even though voice acting is acting

  10. So it’s gonna be like Transformers or Ninja turtles then.

    expect a realistic looking Sonic playing the back seat while the humans take the lead just so audiences can feel connected to the film.

    Good to hear its a way from Sony though, they’ve done nothing but bad films far as I know.

  11. Doesn’t sound good that they have passed it onto another studio. Normal means it will be canceled and won’t see the light of day. However, it’s gone to quite a good company. The ray of hope is that at least Sony can’t butcher it now.

  12. Why do i have the eerie sense that the story is going to include Elise and Chris? Had a nightmare about this last night and now the news came for it. Creepy

    1. It will star and focus on some human either way. Sonic would be considered not relatable to us.

  13. news keep coming out on this movie but all I keep hearing is “meememeememem” *meaningless noise* considering nothing at all is known yet about this film and they keep pushing on this ridiculous Hybrid live action/CGI thing!
    Am I glad Sony is out of the way? Yes. But I still think this movie isn’t likely to happen in the end untill they actually show me otherwise.

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