Sonic Forces Soundtrack: Digital and Physical Releases

Sonic Channel, the Japanese source for all things Sonic, has announced that Sonic Forces will see the release of its soundtrack in both physical and digital formats.

The post on the site details the release of both a 3 CD soundtrack “A Hero Will Rise” which will include 87 background songs from the gale, in addition to a vocal tracks CD, “On the Edge”, containing 10 songs along with the main theme “Fist Bump” and “Infinite’s Theme”.

The physical editions are due for release in Japan on the 13th of December 2017, with the 3 CD soundtrack priced at ¥4,167 (approximately $40/£30), and the vocal track CD priced at ¥2,222 ($20 / £16).

Digital releases of these soundtracks are due for simultaneous releases via major content providers, in addition to a third soundtrack “Sonic Forces Hi-res Collection”, which will feature the 15 songs recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra for the game (these will also feature on A Hero Will Rise).

Information in Japanese can be found on the Sonic Channel.


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    1. Not only that, it will: “…containing 14 songs along with the main theme “Fist Bump” and “Infinite’s Theme”.” I guess they’re making up for the lack of songs in previous games. lol 😛

  1. The vocal tracks as always I have no interest in but I’m considering picking up “A Hero will Rise” for the background music.

    1. Huh, it says right there on the website too. Dunno how that error came about.

      Fixed it now, thanks.

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