IDW Sonic Comic Teaser Features Tyson Hesse Artwork

News hot off the floor at this year’s New York Comic Con has revealed images of a flyer advertising IDW’s highly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog comic, the successor to the long-running Archie series, featuring artwork by the multi-talented artist and animator Tyson Hesse (see below!).

The flyer contains the following message on it’s reverse:

Thank you for joining us for the first ever IDW/Sonic Town Hall!

IDW and SEGA are proud to bring you an all-new chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog comics! After more than 25 years, Sonic’s adventures have captured the imaginations of countless fans, and have inspired one of the most passionate fan bases in the world. We look forward to bringing you brand-new stories, featuring characters old and new, that continue this proud legacy of the fastest comics around!


Undoubtedly fans will be excited to see Hesse return to Sonic following the success of his involvement in the Archie comics and Sonic Mania, and will likely lead to speculation as to which names from the old guard of Sonic comics might be making a return via the IDW publication. More information is likely to come to light over the course of the comic con and the panel on the 8th of October, and as always TSS will keep you up to date with information as it is revealed!

Many thanks to Kevin Sanchez and Linkabel via Twitter for the images!

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  1. Looks promising, especially since it doesn’t use the Sonic Boom designs. Hopefully we finally get a faithful comic adaptation of the game universe.

    1. Yeah, you are right! Didn’t see it at first. Might be because I am really sleepy and it is 1 in the morning here right now as I am writing this. XD

  2. I like how they blend the art styles between Classic and Modern. There also seems to be a slight manga look to it, but that might just be me.

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Blend of Classic and Modern models, a single-cover showcase of a small, focused cast, and it’s done by Tyson freaking Hesse? I do believe my prayers were answered. 😀 May they keep the other characters selective and dial back (at least at first) overly long and complicated arcs, all to let this be a great, new start for everyone!

  4. Now we just need Ian Flynn confirmed as the/one of the writers and we’ll have the writing pretty much guranteed to be good alongside the art if Hesse is doing the comic art.

  5. Like this in particular, but I just hope that IDW keeps artists who stay on model. That was one of the things that serious puts me off a large portion of the Archie comics as well as Sonic the Comic.

        1. Oh sure, he was one of the best artists the comic had. I definitely agree. But that’s faint praise at best, given that Archie’s Sonic comics have always had poor art. The comic’s low standards are why Yardley’s art looks great by comparison. I’d rather IDW’s Sonic had great art, not passable art.

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