Sonic Mania Street Date Broken: Game Is Leaking

Well… This isn’t good.

Earlier today, a number of users on Reddit noticed that some Gamestop and Best Buy stores in the US had the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition in stock. Whilst some stores were refusing to sell the game, others have in fact sold the game to customers.

Currently, we know of an Xbox One edition of the game in the wild and a number of Nintendo Switch copies doing the rounds.

Now with the Xbox One, whilst you can redeem the code, the game is on a timer lock and cannot be played until it’s release day.

Switch, however, is another story.

Nintendo appears to have no time locks on their downloads, meaning people are playing and leaking Sonic Mania right now. Several videos have already been posted to Twitter and Facebook with someone promising a full play-through stream.

If you wanted to remain spoiler free, good luck: we’re both going to need it!

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  1. What the HELL?!
    What do you mean Nintendo doesn’t time lock their downloads?! How did this happened??

    1. Because the server for Switch had already preload the whole game. But the service system of Nintendo doesn’t support the preload until unlock like x1 and PS4. It is know that some people who preordered the CE had got the game. So.. technical Nintendo.

  2. Eh, why bother being spoiler free. They spoiled it for me already by not letting me buy a physical copy or a collectors edition. Apparently Aussies are lesser Sonic fans than everyone else.

    1. Well, nobody else is getting physical copies (the collectors’ edition uses a download code as well), so you’re not missing that much.

  3. Well had to cancel my U.k Amazon collectors edition as they say it’s currently unavailable and won’t be released until a later date for the PS4. However they have Xbox one in Sri. Guess it’s just the download from day 1.

  4. I visit YouTube regular so this will be practically impossible for me. I’m not impartial to spoilers but I do feel bad for everyone else that wants their first experience to be special. Want my advice… Cease using YouTube or any social media and guide in the steam forums, they will struggle to find you there.

    Good luck everyone.

    1. No, they do that for 3DS and (I think) Wii U with pre-purchases shortly in advance of release, but not Switch.

  5. Dr Robotnik: It seems we were all caught by the market distortion… Mania’s seal has been broken. Due to Switch’s manipulation.

    Switch played us all for fools. Its plan all along was to cause so many shoulders to be released that fans would cry.

    I’m exaggerating, but I’m sure some will get that reference.

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